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Random Jottings ~ Witches

she walks barefoot in the moonlight and whispers magic to the wind


magick is not something she does, magick is who she is


lie awake in the night and listen for the witch’s promise


loving a witch is difficult

it’s no picnic breaking up with one either


don’t wish for a kiss from a witch in the moonlight

it might ruin your whole evening

it might ruin your whole life


love a witch

it’s a short life filled with incident

and slimy things in jars


jack collier



she has something very much darker than ice-water in her veins

to love a witch

a man may believe in witchcraft, magic, and love


I felt the snake bite

as she talks in my sleep

about others she might

love enchant and keep

under pale moonlight

her passion runs deep

through carnal nights

she’s a lascivious witch

playing dark love games

so, I fucked the hot bitch

and now I’m mad, insane

for the love of a witch


jack collier


witches come in many forms

Dreams of Disaster

Life is difficult and painful ~ magic happens.


promises in a witch’s kiss

moonlight solitary darkness

walking alone in madness

feeling the bitter loneliness

knowing that she is heartless

and a loveless disaster beckons



jack collier


Seascape Sunrise Septolet



sunrise sorceress

fantasies cabalistic

ecstatic libidinous

generous concupiscence

fragrance whispering

glistening lips promise






(a septolet is a poem of seven lines

containing a total of fourteen words)

libidinous magical obsession



witches French kisses


delicious dark enchantress

naked necromancer seductress


illicit sex excites elicits submission

worships wanton carnal magical temptress

whatever her lips promise be wary, be suspicious


Revlonwords by jack collier


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