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English Winter

That’s just one of life’s bitter ironies…..

I remember when Beeching dug up our railway.

Winter in the North East of England.  Dark, cold, windy, and a time to get another blanket on the bed.  A well padded woman might be warmer.  Or a hot water bottle…..

The best part about an English winter is not being here.

But, when I was a lad it was much, much colder at this time of year.  Two pairs of socks inside one’s Wellington Boots, scarf, gloves balaclava helmet…..  And that was indoors…..

We had one coal fire to heat a big 4 bedroom house, donated to my dad by the N.C.B.  Except on Mondays when my mum also lit the fire underneath the big copper boiler in our back-kitchen, and that was the place to be when I got home from school.

School was fun, Bog Row Junior Mixed and Infants….. I kid you not.  The toilets were across the school yard, usually frozen at this time of year.

I’d like to say that those were happy days  Maybe they were.


jack collier



jeez I was a poor looking kid


Tunes on Tuesday ~ Chris Rea

Be charitable and loving when winter comes howling in.

Middlesbrough Man Chris Rea is a brilliant exponent of the slide guitar ~ athough I like him best because he likes great cars, including the iconic 7.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier


don’t drive a 7 in winter

unless you’re very brave

England’s Winter Miseries

When the English winter comes howling in.

I didn’t want to be in England over the Christmas Holidays, and I’d prefer not to be here right now either.  Next year I’m determined to spend a part of the winter in the sunshine.

Northern England in particular is a miserable place to be in winter.  Right now the temperature outside is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s still dark, there’s a strong wind, and a mixture of rain and wet snow is falling.  In the next couple of days the weather here is going to get much worse with 80 mph winds and a lot of snow expected.  The sea is vicious and cold.

Drivers are being warned to stay off the roads, and only to make the most essential journeys.  Our rail service is in chaos, and there are long flight delays at our airports.  We do not handle snow very well at all, and the high winds can actually blow over trucks.  Some of our most important bridges are closed.

There is an epidemic of a particularly nasty strain of the flu, (Aussie flu H3N2), which can be fatal in itself.  Influenza can lead to several other fatal illnesses; bronchitis, pleurisy, and pneumonia.   Our health service is overwhelmed; the hospitals are full and people are being advised not to visit their own doctors except in cases of an emergency.

The thing is,  the cold, damp, and dark English winter weather makes people prone to catching nasty winter diseases; colds, flue, bronchitis pleurisy, and pneumonia.

I had this Aussi flu just after Christmas, and I was very poorly for a couple of weeks.  High temperature, hacking cough, tiredness, aches and pains, headache, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, and an inability to eat ~ I have lost 10 lbs since Christmas.

Trust me, you don’t want to catch this Aussi flu.

Trust me, you don’t want to be in Northern England in winter either.


jack collier


Bitter Harvest Falls


You like autumn?  Don’t call it fall.  You like fog wet dog boggy footpaths mud?  Fur scarf hat gloves separating love’s touch.  Cider with cinnamon vomit stinks I think warm beer the only fit drink for an English man.  Cinnamon satisfies women but don’t call it fall.  It’s autumn mists mellow fruitfulness hopelessness dreariness missing your touch too much don’t call it fall.  California knows no bitter winter touch what is autumn to you?  Sadness last verbal touch telephone call isn’t much don’t call again.  Beginnings told me of multiple men my long drinking winter began don’t call it fall.


P1010479experimental prose poetry

words and pictures by jack collier


Dawn’s Desires


Winter is finally here

your warm body to hold

takes away my fears

soothes my troubled soul

whispering so near

as dawn’s blue red and gold

wakens my desire

have we ever been so close?

I have never felt so loved

in your arms forever

your lips are gently saying

‘I love you’


words and pictures by jack collier


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