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Scenes on Sunday ~ P.S.S. Wingfield Castle

Built in 1934 as a Humber Estuary Ferry, this historic paddle steamer is now one of 3 museum ships moored in the marina just a couple of hundred yards from my garret.  In the summer I often go aboard her to read, relax, and sunbathe on the upper deck.  Marmaduke likes sunbathing and reading there too ~ he usually sits in one of the lifeboats.  (The square-rigger in the background is the frigate HMS Trincomalee, which is the second oldest ship still afloat.)







jack collier


Pictures taken with a Lumix



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Rejection’s Regret

You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to suffer rejection in silence.


In my eyes

you will always be strong

you would always please me

‘though your deeds are unsung

no raging Southern sea

no far-flung oceans

no white sand and palm trees

no heroic rescues

no chic fashions

no Parisienne frisson

only one sexual position

solid and dependable

partner not lover

I passed you over

for faster and younger

you have done better

than this failed go-getter

In my eyes



words and picture by jack collier


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