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Food on Friday ~ Gluten-Free

We may all be sensitive to gluten.

In yesterday’s post I wrote about how bad gluten can be for some people, and how bad modern American wheat is for everyone.  Ergo, today’s Food on Friday features gluten-free recipes for those of us who don’t want to consume wheat flour, and for those of us who may have some degree of non celiac gluten intolerance.

Heather Christo’s website holds all allergen free, and mostly gluten-free recipes.  Not only do they all sound delicious and nutritious, but all of Heather’s dishes look absolutely beautiful.  Recently, as well as featuring grilled nectarine balsamic chicken, blackberry coconut oatmeal muffins, (both vegan and gluten free), and telling us everything we need to know about gluten free beer, Heather has a great recipe for grilled salmon, strawberries, and nectarine kebabs.  Looks fantastic.

Grilled Salmon, Strawberries, and Nectarine Kebabs

San Diego cook Averie Sunshine has a great recipe for spicy baked eggs and hash brown casserole, a pumpkin and cheesy baked potato casserole, as well as this creamy and crispy hash browns frittata, and Averie says all of these are both vegetarian and gluten-free.

Creamy and Crispy Hash Browns Frittata

Andrea at Cooking with a Wallflower has this really easy recipe for garlic shrimp spring rolls with tamarind vinaigrette, Vietnamese inspired and gluten-free.  This should be ready in 35 minutes and would make a fabulous midweek dinner.

Garlic Shrimp Spring Rolls with Tamarind Vinaigrette

Todd & Diane, the White on Rice Couple have a stack of vegetarian and gluten-free recipes. But being a meat-eater, I really like the look of this sriracha roast chicken with sriracha gravy.

Sriracha Roast Chicken with Sriracha Gravy

From Group SOI, purveyors of Italian Food Solutions, we have a quinoa salad with cardamom and coriander extra virgin olive oil.  Quinoa has become one of the most popular health foods, as it’s high in protein, has all nine essential amino acids, and is gluten-free.

Quinoa Salad with Cardamom and Coriander Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you want to be gluten-free, but you must have noodles, then try Ramen Noodles.  Ramen Noodles should be gluten free, but it’s always worth checking the labels.  So, from Teighan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest we have these 15 minute garlic butter Ramen noodles.  What could be easier for a midweek dinner?

15 Minute Garlic Butter Ramen Noodles

For those of us who like recipe collections, Woman’s Day has 40 delicious dinner recipes you won’t even realize are gluten-free, including this fantastic looking balsamic chicken with apple, lentil, and spinach salad.  This very easy dinner should be ready in just 25 minutes.

Balsamic Chicken with Apple, Lentil and Spinach Salad


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Drinks for a Summer Saturday

Cricket is paradise in the summer sun.

Summer is upon us, in some parts of the world it’s Father’s Day this Sunday, and in England we’re playing summer sports; cricket, tennis, and gardening.  OK, the English love gardening.  However English Gentlemen mostly like sitting in the garden sipping something cool while we watch our Good Lady doing all the hard work.  So, some summery drinks…

I really like the look and sound of this strawberry summer water from Jessica Merchant at How Sweet It Is.  And, if you liked, instead of using fresh or sparkling water you could chose a very light white wine instead.  (In passing Jessica says she’s only ever been to a spa once in her life!!!!  Come on guy, pay for her to go to a cool spa!!!)

Strawberry Summer Water

The ever-artistic Heather Christ has these apricot gin and tonics.  Heather says they are perfect for summer sipping, and I for one believe her.

Apricot Gin and Tonics

For some unknown reason, we English drink Pimms in summer ~ never did like the stuff myself.  However, Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest has an interesting take on Pimms with her strawberry melon elderflower Pimms cup.  Looks very nice indeed.

Strawberry Melon Elderflower Pimm’s Cup

This watermelon, fresh herbs, & sotol cocktail from Todd at Honestly Yum sounds very cooling.  I suppose that if you’re all out of sotol you could get by with tequila instead.

Watermelon Fresh Herbs & Sotol Cocktail

Todd & Diane, the White On Rice Couple, have this great post about a great drink; the watermelon margarita.  Want to know how to make the perfect watermelon margarita?  Then just click on the link.

‘Inside a Watermelon’ Margaritas

Finally for now, from the lovely Averie Sunshine, I bring you grilled pineapple strawberry lemonade sangria.  I ask you, what’s not to like?

Grilled Pineapple Strawberry Lemonade Sangria


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Food on Friday ~ Healthy Chicken

Our Bodies Are Our Gardens

Busy people who have aspirations towards being fit and healthy in body, mind, and spirit have a problem.  Eating well, eating clean and healthy, almost always means one should cook for oneself because buying ready-made meals, buying takeout, eating out, or eating out of cans almost always means you’re eating a fair degree of unhealthy junk.  And, cooking for yourself takes up time and energy, which might be in short supply at the end of a busy day.

Ergo, busy people need fairly quick, easy, and healthy recipes. In last week’s Food on Friday we were talking about healthy salmon, which lends itself to eating well, and this week we’re doing chicken, which is also a good healthy staple.  But, buy decent fresh, uncooked, healthy chicken, (and salmon), not the cheapest crap your supermarket has on special offer.

I know some of you like links to recipe collections, (some of you even pay good money to have people send you recipe collections and shopping lists), so from Cooking Light we have 50 healthy chicken breast recipes, including this sauteed chicken with sage browned butter.


Sautéed Chicken with Sage Browned Butter

And, from Chungah Rhee at Damn Delicious I can offer you 10 weeknight chicken breast recipes to use up all those nice pieces of chicken you have languishing in your refrigerator and freezer.  I like the look of this easy grilled chicken, especially as our chef says we’ll never need another grilled chicken recipe after this 25 minute dish.


Easy Grilled Chicken

If all those ideas weren’t enough, Country Living has 64 of the most delicious things you can do with chicken for dinner.  Wow!  Originally from Jaclyn at Cooking Classy, one of the 64 dishes is this avocado caprese skillet chicken ~ so easy, and avocado is supposed to be very good for you.


Avocado Caprese Skillet Chicken

Andrea at Cooking with a Wallflower has some interesting dishes in her 5 easy chicken recipes for a weeknight dinner. I especially like her honey chipotle shredded chicken, because even though it takes a while to prepare, once it’s dome you can save the prepared chicken and use it in so many cool ways.


Honey Chipotle Shredded Chicken

I have to remind myself that not everywhere in the world is suffering from an English winter.  Not everyone is feeling cold, grey, and miserable and in need of winter comfort food.  In that case Heather Christo offers us this gluten free fried chicken cobb salad ~ I may forget the drizzle and make this tonight.


Gluten Free Fried Chicken Cobb Salad

Francophile English lady, Amanda, of Chez le Rêve Français has a recipe for a wonderfully warming chicken and broccoli pasta bake.  This looks quick, (30 minutes), easy, healthy, (broccoli is good).  And, I like a good pasta bake.


Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Bake

You probably won’t remember, (why should you?), but in Food on Friday #33 we had a whole lot of cool and sexy chicken dishes, among which was Thai Larb Chicken Lettuce Cups from the White on Rice Couple.  As a slight change on the healthy lettuce cups theme, I can give you a recipe video for easy chicken lettuce cups from the Best Recipe Box.


Easy Chicken Lettuce Cups

dscf0002thanks so much to all the great chefs featured in this week’s Food on Friday

enjoy your cooking and healthy eating

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Food on Friday # 54 Party Drinks

Christmas Party Booze

‘Tis the season to be jolly.

Some people like parties, and some people like drinking.  For people who like a lot of both, here are some drinks that should probably go down well at Christmas Parties.  Good Grief!

Remember, anyone can make a really strong cocktail that will get people very drunk very fast ~ but how good a party does that make?  So here are some more tastefully interesting drinks.

First up this week is a great looking cocktail I found on Jessica Merchant’s site how sweet it is we have this great recipe for rose champagne mojitos.  I would serve these to my discerning guests.


Rose Champagne Mojitos

For a different take on the mojito, Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest gives us this brilliant looking White Christmas Mojito.


White Christmas Mojito

If your guests arrive cold and shivery, Tieghan also had a smashing recipe for hot maple apple cider in Food on Friday # 48, which was about apples.


Maple Apple Cider

Here’s something for a Californian Christmas.  Recovering pastry chef, the bojon gourmet has these rosemary, pomegranate and grilled meyer lemon vodka sparklers.  Don’t try saying all that after drinking five or six of those things.


Rosemary Pomegranate and Grilled Meyer Lemon Vodka Sparklers

From Chungah at Damn Delicious there’s a simple and easy strawberry pineapple mimosa, although in England we call champagne and orange juice Buck’s Fizz, and we make it a lot stronger.  Add a splash of brandy to that and you’ve got yourself a fresh juice Barbotage.  Consume that Barbotage very carefully.


Strawberry Pinapple Mimosa

This recipe for holiday rum punch, by Tracy Shutterbean, (aka Tracy Benjamin), is straight from the San Francisco bay area.  I’ve drunk rum punch in San Francisco, and I know that if you’re not careful this punch could get you very drunk.  Nice.


Holiday Rum Punch

At some time during your own party, you may want to retire to a quiet corner, perhaps with a special friend, and enjoy a glass of the water of life.  If you don’t know about whisky, here’s a post from Todd and Diane in LA, the White On Rice Couple, telling you all about the different types of whisk(e)y.  Back in the day I drank Laphroaig ~ too strong and too sophisticated for most ordinary men.



If all that wasn’t enough, from Country Living magazine here are 28 Christmas cocktails that will make you forget all about the presents.  These are are pretty easy, including this winter wonderland cocktail, originally from Nicole at the Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie.


Winter Wonderland Cocktail

How about some appetisers to go with all this booze?  Heather Christo has the ultimate vegan appetizer platter, Damn Delicious has cheesy garlic bread, and easy firecracker shrimp, Cooking up the Pantry has cheese and mustard puffs,  Half Baked Harvest has a cheese fondue boardor you can check out Food on Friday # 25 ~ Bar Snacks.


Easy Firecracker Shrimp


WAF Landscape Christmas Cards.qxdjust don’t be a crass American and serve beers in the bottle, give your guests a glass.

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Food on Friday # 42 California

Don’t get me wrong, I like California, but sometimes the food there owes a lot to everywhere else.  So, for this week’s Food on Friday I’ve tried to come up with some dishes that I think would go down well with my friend, ‘the girl riding shotgun’ and especially dishes that aren’t so Mexican or Spanish in flavour.

No, that didn’t make much sense to me either.  But here are some great recipes from some great cooks.

First up this week, from we have this hoisin salmon with zucchini slaw from Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest.


Hoisin Salmon With Zucchini Slaw

Also from Tieghan there’s this great looking heirloom tomato and zucchini galette with honey and thyme.


Heirloom Tomato Galette With Honey & Thyme

Heather Christo makes the very best looking salads of all, and this grilled chicken, beet and cherry salad with honey balsamic dressing is no exception.  Only in California.


Grilled Chicken Beet And Cherry Salad

Jessica Merchant, (aka How Sweet It Is), is from Pittsburgh PA, but I think this BBQ shrimp and lime avocado toast is quintessentially Californian.  So sue me.


BBQ Shrimp And Lime Avocado Toast

Silicon Velley girl Elise Bauer created a lot of her recipes in Carmichael, but this very Califonian sauteed shrimp with warm tropical fruit salsa would go down well anywhere in SoCal.   Check out all Elise’ dishes at Simply Recipes.


Sauteed Shrimp With Warm Tropical Fruit Salsa

I know, for a fact, that most Californians can’t even poach an egg, but this dish of wild fennel poached trout with courgette taziki would go down well at the end of a hot Californian day.  Petra from Food Eat Love may be English, but the name of Petra’s blog is very Californian.


Wild Fennel Poached Trout With Courgette Taziki

Completely different from England the LA based White on Rice Couple, Todd Porter and Diane Cu have a great low carb chicken zucchini noodle pad Thai.  OK, low carb is cool.  Right?


Low Carb Chicken Zucchini Noodle Pad Thai

From the very Californian Chungah we have this seriously easy and seriously good dish of lemon dill salmon in foil.  Really this great looking fish is a 30 minute dish, tops.  And, I’m pretty certain anyone can make a great job of cooking this. damn delicious dish.


Lemon Dill Salmon In Foil

If you want something even easier, also from Chungah, we have these zucchini parmesan foil packets.  This idea is just so, so very simple to do.  Trust me, I’ve tried cooking like this, and it works.


Zucchini Parmesan Foil Packets


P1030451California is a great place for a long, long road trip, the road trip with no timetable and no destination.

Trust me, I know



Food on Friday # 41 ~ Figs

Figs?  FIGS!!!  I used to believe figs only came in biscuits called fig rolls, (or cookies called fig newtons).  Now I am more of a worldly-wise guy I know figs are delicious fresh, and in a load of cool recipes.  I’m also given to understand that the warmer parts of the world are awash with ripening figs just now.

Figs are the original superfood.  As well as being highly nutritious, they are also good for helping with constipation, (I knew that), indigestion, piles bronchitis asthma, and high blood pressure.  There is a couple of millenia of anecdotal evidence that figs are an aphrodisiac too.  (male or female or both?)

From the White on Rice Couple, Todd Porter and Diane Cu, we have this cool and very easy dish; baked figs with bacon, blue cheese, roasted nuts.  Todd and Diane are based out of Orange County in SoCal, and I think my friend who lives out there will like this recipe.


Baked Figs With Bacon, Blue Cheese, Roasted Nuts


Teighan Gerard hails from Silverthorne, Colerado, and there must be a lot of figs there too.  Teighan, (aka Half Baked Harvest), always has fabulous-looking salads, and this one is no exception; nectarine and fried mozzarella caprese salad, (there are figs too).


Nectarine & Fried Mozzarella Caprese Salad


For a cool mixture of sweet and savoury in an allergen-free recipe, Heather Christo has this couscous salad with currants, figs, and pistachios.  Great to make too much and take the leftovers to the office for lunch.


Couscous Salad With Currants, Figs, & Pistachios


I don’t drink these days, but I still enjoy booze in cooking, and I think pork tenderloin is such a great cut.  Add some figs to that and we have bourbon fig & gorgonzola stuffed pork tenderloin, thanks to Jessica Merchant at How Sweet It Is.


Bourbon Fig & Gorgonzola Stuffed Pork Tenderloin


This is such a classic dish, either as an appetiser, or as a party staple, and I’d forgotten all about it until I was writing this post.  So, thanks to Andrea at Cooking with a Wallflower, we have bacon wrapped figs.  (The good news is these are zero carbs and do your digestion the power of good.)


Bacon Wrapped Figs


I know a girl who will love this dish, and I promise her this is the most exotic easy appetiser ever, or a great snack.  So from Cooking Without Limits I strongly recommend that ‘the girl riding shotgun’ tries these pears and figs with blue cheese.


Pears And Figs With Blue Cheese


Finally for this week, something classic and simple ~ from the Perth Hills in Western Australia, Ros at Cooking up the Pantry, has this great fig and macadamia salad with labne.  (Labne is marinated yogurt balls.)  ((I may try this with almonds instead of macadamia…))


Fig And Macadamia Salad With Labne


liebster-12Thanks ever so much to all the great cooks featured in this week’s Food on Friday


Food on Friday #39 ~ Lettuce Wraps

Say No to wheat flour.  A couple of days ago I bought a garlic baguette, the first bread I’d eaten in months.  The anticipation was much better than the actuality.  So, as an alternative to stodgy bread, (or other wheat products), why not try lettuce as a vehicle for meat / fish / protein?  And in the hotter parts of the world, lettuce is so much more refreshing that carb-rich bread.  Ergo, lettuce wraps and cups are on the menu today.

From Southern California,  Todd Porter & Dian Cu, the White On Rice Couple, there’s these nice looking lettuce wraps with almond-basil chicken.  This is a pretty easy 30 minute dish for a lighter dinner, and a great lunch to take to work the following day.



Also from Todd and Diane, (lettuce wraps are a great dish for hot and sunny Orange County), we have Thai larb chicken lettuce cups.  (One reason I’m reposting this this is that I think I got the link wrong in a previous Food on Friday.)


Thai Larb Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Another cooling dish I think my American friends will love, from Jessica Merchant at How Sweet It Is, bbq chicken and pineapple lettuce wraps with cilantro yogurt sauce.  There’s also a healthy serving of avocado in this recipe.


BBQ Chicken & Pineapple Lettuce Wraps with Cilantro Yogurt Sauce


I haven’t featured Ree, The Pioneer Woman, for a while.  But, you have just got to look at this post for a step by step easy introduction to lettuce wraps.  Cool


Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Teighan Gerard has a different recipe here, one that I must try because I love slow-roasted pork.  Half Baked Harvest gives us Korean pineapple pork lettuce wraps ~ seriously good, and seriously good to take to work the following day.


Korean Pineapple Pork Lettuce Wraps


English girl Petra, (aka Food Eat Love), has these lovely little recipe for a salmon lettuce wrap with potato salad and wasabi peas.  That should be a spicy wrap.



And, finally for this week, Chungah Rhee has a copy-cat recipe you can make in 20 minutes, Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps.  These look damn delicious. ha ha ha ~ same old joke again.  Jeez.



liebster-12A big thank you to all the great cooks featured today.


Food on Friday # 36 ~ Summer

There is no overall theme to this week’s Food on Friday ~ except these are all great summer recipes from great cooks.

Starting this week with nectarine and fried mozzarella caprese salad from Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest.  You know what?  I’d like to be able to make a salad that looked half as good as any of Tieghan’s dishes, (I didn’t realise that pansies were edible…).


Nectarine And Fried Mozzarella Caprese  Salad

We are all very used to eating food out of season, hell I can buy decent salad greens here in England at any time of the year.  But I think we would all agree that local produce, in season, is far better quality than anything that’s been shipped thousands of miles before it gets into your local store.  And, fish is something that a gourmet should only eat when it’s fresh and in season.  English Girl Petra from Food Eat Love has this smashing recipe for Torbay sole with scalloped stuffed courgette flower….  Torbay is a great little harbour town on the English Riviera.  Out of the way, quiet, and well worth a visit.


Torbay Sole With Scallop Stuffed Courgette Flower

Now from Anne, a professional chef from the California wine country, we have this absolute umami corn on the cob recipe.  It’s well worth checking out Anne’s Tasting Everything blog for some super recipes.


Absolute Umami Corn On The Cob

I recently featured this recipe for thai larb chicken lettuce cups, but I liked it so much I’m putting it in again as a nice summer snack / appetiser.  It’s from the White on Rice Couple, Todd Porter and Dianne Cu.


Thai Larb Chicken Lettuce Cups

Here’s a very quick and easy summer snack / appetiser recipe from Elise at Simply Recipes.  This 15 minute shrimp scampi would go really well with a couple of cold beers, (or in my case fizzy water).


Shrimp Scampi

So, from the vegetarian / vegan Cookie + kate, (I’m pretty certain Cookie the dog isn’t vegetarian, but what do I know?), we have this mega crunchy romaine salad with quinoa.  (Am I the only person in the free world who has never eaten quinoa?).


Mega Crunchy Romaine Salad With Quinoa

And the final food recipe for this week, from Andrea at Cooking with a Wallflower, we have this spicy summer vegetable chili.  This is a great dish to use up all that stuff you’ve got hanging about in your refrigerator.  This is also a vegetarian / vegan recipe, (or at least, I belive it is so).


Spicy Summer Vegetable Chili

For something to drink instead of beer on those hot summer days, we have this blueberry pomegranate mint limeade, also from Cooking with a Wallflower.  (Why do Americans drink out of jam jars, instead of proper glasses?  Weird.)


Blueberry Pomegranate Mint Limeade

liebster-12A great big thank you to all the cool cooks featured in this week’s Food on Friday.


Food on Friday # 33 ~ Chicken

Cool and sexy chicken dishes.

For this week’s collection of recipes I wanted to find some different, cool, and sexy ways one can cook chicken.  I have to confess that I found more interesting stuff than I bargained for.  Let me tell you, there are some very cool recipes here, and all of them are easy.

The first offering this week is from the lovely Averie Sunshine, (aka Averie Cooks), who gives us her loaded chicken enchilada zucchini boats.  I have to confess that zucchini isn’t something we see a lot of here in England, but I guess my friend in Southern California might be able to get zucchini…


Loaded Chicken Enchilada Zucchini Boats

Another dish with zucchini, (just wha is zucchini anyhow?), this time from Jessica Merchant at How Sweet It Is.  Jessica has these zucchini noodles with mini chicken feta and spinach meatballs.  This looks like a really cool meal.


Zucchini Noodles With Mini Chicken Feta And Spinach Meatballs

And now for something we do get on an English menu.  This time from Chungah Rhee, (at Damn Delicious), who has a recipe for chicken pesto kabobs, (except we don’t call them kabobs).  This is a damn easy and damn delicious little recipe…


Chicken Pesto Kabobs

A second dish from Chungah Rhee at Damn delicious are these chicken and avocado ranch burritos.  So very easy, and so nice to take to work for your lunch…


Chicken And Avocado Ranch Burritos

Here’s something else I think my friend from Orange County will certainly like.  Half Baked Harvest, has this delicious looking mediterranean chicken and farro salad.  Tieghan Gerard calls this a Big Ass Salad… ha ha ha.


Mediterranean Chicken and Farro Salad

Here’s another dish I believe my friend from Orange County will enjoy.  From Petra at Food Eat Love, I give you dini’s divine chicken teriyaki sushi burger.


Dini’s Divine Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Burger

Now, from Elise at Simply Recipes, we have this really interesting broccoli, chicken and almond saute.  I like the sound of these ingredients and I simply have to try this dish.


Broccoli, Chicken, And Almond Saute

Finally for this week, from Orange County in sunny California, the White On Rice Couple, (aka Todd & Diane), have a great recipe. This dish is so fast, so easy, and so cool, and these thai larb chicken lettuce cups also look fabulous.


Thai Larb Chicken Lettuce Cups


A very big thank you to all the cooks featured this week.

jack collier


Food on Friday # 31 ~ Salads and Stuff

In some parts of the world it’s practically summer already ~salad days are back with us.  Some say that salads are boring ~ the last refuge of a cook who has completely run out of ideas.  Well now, I don’t think any of the fabulous salads and stuff in this Friday’s food blog are boring.  I’d be happy to be served any of these platters, anywhere, any time ~ (after 11 o’clock in the morning that is…).

Tieghan Gerard, (aka Half Baked Harvest), has this fabulous looking display ~ the new crudité platter, she says she mostly sourced from Trader Joe’s, (I know that chain, great stores).  Also from Tieghan there’s a 30 minute Asian basil beef and mango noodle salad.


The New Crudité Platter

Finally from Tieghan Gerard this week, something I just had to show you, her loaded Greek quinoa salad.


Loaded Greek Quinoa Salad

Meanwhile, back at Tasting Everything, Anne has an, irresistible steak salad, as well as this (gluten-free, quick and dirty), simply delectable kale caesar salad recipe.  Methinks Anne has a lot of kale to use up.


Simply Delectable Kale Cesar Salad

From lovely California girl Averie Sunshine at Averie cooks we have this kale ceasar salad with fried chickpeas, and a chicken orozo salad…  and I had to look up orozo.


Chicken Orozo Salad

From Seattle girl and Le cordon bleu graduate Heather Chisto I can offer you a cuban quinoa bowl with spicy lemon cashew dressing, a lemony verde quinoa salad, as well as this wonderful looking grilled salmon nicoise salad with meyer lemon chive vinaigtette.  I know my friend in Southern California would love to be served this dish.


Grilled Salmon Nicoise Salad with Meyer Lemon Chive Vinaigrette

Heather has some irresistable salads, so how about this Vietnamese shrimp noodle salad.


Vietnamese Shrimp Noodle Salad

One more salad from Heather is this great looking grilled chicken souvlaki greek salad.  Nice.


Grilled Chicken Souvlaki Greek Salad

More that’s very California, from the flourishing foodie; blood orange and avocado salad with a citrus tahini dressing and salted pistachios ~ you know nuts are very good for a body?


Blood Orange and Avocado Salad with a citrus Tahini Dressing and Salty Pistachios

More avocado from Todd Porter and Diane Cu, the White On Rice Couple; grilled avocado salad with corn pico de gallo & chimichurri dressing.  And I know my friend in SoCal has access to a lot of really good avocado.


Grilled Avocado Salad with Corn Pico de Gallo & Chimichurri Dressing

You may remember that I detest sushi, but from Petra at Food Eat Love, here is an elegant fish and salad meal I could enjoy; parma ham wrapped salmon with roasted veg and a cucumber salad, (hey I’d be happy with just the cucumber salad).


Cucumber Salad

For something that’s easier to take into work, what about this high maintenance egg salad sandwich from Chicago girl and culinary school graduate Laura at A beautiful Plate.


High Maintenance Egg Salad Sandwich

Cookie + kate have this very easy anything goes kale salad with green tahini dressing.  Given that it’s a 15 minute dish with tahini dressing, I’m certain my friend in Orange County will like this recipe.


Anything-Goes Kale Salad With Green Tahini Dressing

So, this isn’t a salad.  So sue me.  From Karen at Honestly Yum I offer you the perfect cheese platter.


The Perfect Cheese Platter

And, Finally for this week, from Jessica Merchant at How Sweet It Is we have this very interesting pimento cheese chicken salad on honey butter biscuits.  Jessica is a Pittsburgh girl, and her biscuits are nothing like what we know as biscuits in England.


Pimento Cheese Chicken Salad on Honey Butter Biscuits

A very big thank you to all the great cooks featured in this week’s collection of recipes.


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