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Tunes on Tuesday ~ Rio Bravo

they invented ‘hey you in the jail….’

Following this morning’s musical post from Paint Your Wagon, here’s a slightly atmospheric song from Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson, from the John Wayne Movie Rio Bravo.  It has the not very catchy title of My Rifle, My Pony and Me.  Some dowgies and a campfire would be good.

Of course, Walter Brennan steals the scene as ‘Stumpy’.


jack collier



somebody should apologize for

‘Brokeback Mountain’


Tunes on Tuesday ~ Wand’rin Star

hitch your wagon to a star

Maybe the most unlikely singer ever to reach number one in the UK ‘hit parade’ ~ back in the days when we had such a thing.  Lee Marvin and a song from the movie musical ‘Paint your Wagon’.  But then who would ever have expected Dirty Harry to burst into song either?

And, then again, John Wayne started his film career as a singing cowboy.


jack collier



a singer not a fighter


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