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Madonna and Whore



the strongest personality

powerful sexual originality

mirrored and contradictory

within protagonist dichotomy

enchantress seductive virginity

libidinous promiscuous sexuality

lax wanton erotic elegant sensuality

bad unprincipled frustrating negativity

she’s a bitch, a slut, a harlot, a pro, a Lady


smoking-whorejack collier




Imperfect Gift


Silver skeins of moonlight water

mysterious as a winter mirror

reflecting strange mystical spirit

darkest indigo ephemeral augury

echoes blue-black sky clouds

the colour of her silken hair

far distant sounds the rain

gentle as a virgin’s kiss

she left the imperfect gift

patient revenging sorceress savagery

adulteress treachery so fine in bliss

and every wrong was mine


Katiewords and seascape by jack collier

model kate nilsson






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