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The Law of Attraction

All that we see is the result of what we thought.

The things that I thought were the things I desired, and the things that I saw were created by my own wants, needs, and desires.

To see beyond my own expectations is to begin to realise that not everyone thinks as I do ~ not even my enemy or my closest friend.

After the past few days I realise that attraction does not work like a bludgeon that ensures that what you want you will get.  Rather, attraction works through feelings, focus, imagination, patience, and magic.

But then, I’m only an Englishman, so what do I know?

Sometimes, just sometimes, the magic happens.


jack collier



a man cannot find the friendship of a Goddess by chasing her

one has to await the magic



I’m sexually impressed

All she wants is to have sex, with anyone…

so, dark sexual mistress

the face of a fallen goddess

a body you know how to use

husky voice enchants, seduces

erotic Venus who desires abuse

an easy female charm you misuse

I’m really impressed, now vamoose

you’re a slut


jack collier







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say it isn’t so



tell me that you’re not so dissatisfied

tell me that you haven’t really lied

tell me that the games you play

are girl talk to send me away

I should never have cried

our love has never died

Venus, say it isn’t so

say it isn’t so




P1030624words and pictures by jack collier

copyright jack collier



loves light waves





sibilant soft silverness

tumescent foaming whiteness

exquisite ethereal lightness

of brilliant Venus

torments my sad

devotion to the hopelessness

of honest love’s caress

by a sinless silent sea





P1030584words and pictures by jack collier


Daughters of the Night


Aurora Goddess of the Dawn

Hesperus the Evening Star

the radiance of Venus splendor

discovered in gentle beams

love’s cherished eventide falls

upon intimate twilight dreams





words and pictures by jack collier


Intimacies’ Ephemeral Climax



Affection, Bisection, Copulation, Deflexion, Ejaculation, Fellation, Gustation, Hesitation, Invitation, Jubilation, Kiss, Lubrication, Masturbation, Numeration, Osculation, Penetration, Regurgitation, Stimulation, Titillation, Urination, Veneration, Wanton, eXcitation, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom



words and pictures by jack collier


Dreaming Aphrodite


to sustain and to hold

to comfort and to kiss

Venus in my arms enfold

to offer all and feel the bliss

to know all is foretold

gladly into ardour’s abyss


P1010369words and pictures by jack collier


Sunrise Seascape

The goddess of all beauty


Believe in her as

she rises from the waves

all men are her slaves



words and pictures by jack collier


dreams and seascapes

casual cruelty


shattered dreams, shattered souls, shattered surf

life is pain in perpetual perfection

she will steal your dreams and break your heart

you gaze at the stars in reflection

they are dimmed and blurred, red giant, white dwarf

she is the morning star Venus

and she will tear you apart

just to see you cry broken and hopeless

Kiss, fuck, kiss, part ~ forever


words and pictures by jack collier




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