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Vacation Mornings

it’s so quiet you can hear the sunrise

Saturday morning after the Friday night partying here, and only me and a few determined German joggers and powerwalkers are out and about.  They never look as though they are having fun.  Mayhap ‘fun’ is verboten.

The bread delivery man and street-sweepers are out and about too.  Only a Mediterranean people would think it a good idea to have a couple of guys with a dustpan and brush each set off to clean up a whole street.

And now it’s coffee time.


Jack Collier


a few short hours ago this street was jumping

Peace and Quiet

it’s so serene here by dawn’s early light

Nobody around at 07:00 except for the bread man, a few determined runners, the cats and dogs, and me.  I like early mornings.  Everyone you might meet is so much nicer at that secret time of day.

I also like a very early morning coffee, and I’ve found a place that does a good take out brew.  ’twas easy, because it was always going to be right next to the cab rank.

On my way back to the hotel the first paragliders came in.  They like the still early morning air and clear skies.  (and no, you’re not getting me up there, not without some moral support)

I have no big plans for today, except for time by the hotel pools.  Reading, sunbathing, swimming, daydreaming…….


Jack Collier


It really is that gorgeous here



Vacation Thoughts

I’m busy doing nothing, working hard at finding things not to do.

The view from my balcony ~ the water is really warm

A vacation in Turkey has a lot going for it.  Nice hotels, brilliant blue skies, great food, not having to do anything I don’t want to do.  And it’s really good value for money.  Today I had a great lunch in a nice beach restaurant ~ about $7.50 all in.

And last night I slept like a hibernating teddybear.


Jack Collier


a twin room is fine if you’re travelling alone

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Mahmut Orhan

 even after the darkest night there can still be a beautiful morning

Today I’m in a place called Oludeniz in Turkey.  Allegedly this artist, song , and video are pretty big here.  The boat is called a gulet, and I have sailed on one of those things.  It was a pretty nice vacation, but there was nonbody on that boat quite as good looking as the women in this video.

As it goes the Aegean is that precise brilliant blue, and some Turkish women really are blonde and beautiful.

I still can’t abide any octopus any place, any time, in any way.

Please listen enviously.


jack collier



Turkish excursion boat

Vacation in Turkey

the life you have known isn’t the only life you will ever know

Overseas travel is a little problematic just now.  There are some places I cannot go, some places I can go to will mean self-isolation for a couple of weeks when I return home, and some other places I would never go to anyway.  Of all the world one of the countries I can travel to without much hassle is Turkey.  So, in a little while I’m taking myself off to a little town on the Turkish Aegean cost, hard by the mountains.  In theory, maybe, if I’m lucky.

As the 600,000 thousand or so British holiday makers who went to Spain recently will tell you ~ thinking it was safe, permitted, allowed, not a lot of hassle ~ the rules can all change at the drop of a hat.  Some estimate that there are 1.8 million Britons in Spain right now, (including the ex-pats), and any of them returning to the UK will immediately have to spend 14 days in lockdown, under some very stringent not-going-outside rules.  And when they are allowed out they will have to wear a face-nappy.  If anyone breaks the rules they could face a hefty fine.

(BTW neither a face mask, nor surgical gloves offer any protection whatsoever to COVID-19.)

It’s all utterly farcical, knee-jerk, bullying, pathetic, lily livered political crap.  The Government here warns that there is no viable alternative to 14 day quarantine for travellers returning to the UK from high-risk countries.  It looks like Belgium, Luxembourg, and Croatia will be taken off the ‘safe travel list’ tomorrow.  The Government say that; ‘people should continue to book holidays, but they needed to be aware of the risk of the 14 day quarantine being imposed for the country they are travelling to’.  Oh, for f**ks sake!  What a bunch of w**kers!

Meanwhile, here in Europe, lockdown free Sweden is managing quite nicely, seeing a very positive downward trend in coronavirus cases.  Officials there utterly play down the effectiveness of masks on public transport, saying there’s no point to a face-nappy.  Naturally the other European Union countries are not happy with the Swedish stance on COVID-19.  You can always tell a Swede, but you can’t tell him much.

Some say that I’m stupid to go abroad in the middle of a pandemic.  And that it will serve me right if I have to submit to 14 days of quarantine upon my return.  All I know is I’m going anyway, unless Boris panics again.


jack collier



I think that Marmaduke wants to go with me

he’s got a hell of a lot of luggage for a bear

Leaving On a Bus

I don’t know when I’ll be back to Turkey again

Today is the last day of my vacation in Oludeniz, Turkey ~ which as it goes is a very nice place, thoroughly to be recommended to the more relaxed traveller.

Those of us from the more civilised parts of Europe and North America, (Turkey isn’t in Europe), may occasionally become frustrated / annoyed by the casual attitude of the Turks, and the macho misogynistic ways of Turkish men ~ but it’s not all so very different to the Hispanics I’ve come accross in California.  So, the plumbing is dodgy, the traffic is manic, and wi-fi here only works when it feels like it…..  But, so what.

The weather in the later part of the summer is gorgeous, the genuinely Turkish food is marvellous, and the Mediterranean is a deep calm, shimmering turquoise.  What I will remember most of course are the smells; woodsmoke, cooking, coffee, the sea, Turkish cigarettes, drains, and often very stinky Turks.

Ah, c’est la vie.


Jack Collier


there’s still a lot of parasailing here

I still haven’t done it

Vacation Sunset

red sky at night, sailors’ delight

The sky over this part of Turkey is pretty hazy, which means that sunset is pretty.




Jack Collier


sunset in Arizona is pretty too

Nostalgia ain’t What it Used to Be

out with the old, and in with the new


There is something satisfying and real about people, places, and things that properly belong in a bygone era.  Somehow the old and familiar can give one a lot of pleasure just by being there.

I like classic cars, classic motorcycles, old Hollywood movies, ancient buildings, and old towns.  I also prefer the classical style of dress, good manners that many think outdated and pointless, and more mature women.

In some ways this Turkish Holiday destination belongs in a bygone era;  the people, the junk cars and busses, the antedeluvian attitude of the men towards women,  the snail slow wi-Fi connection in this hotel, seem more 20th rather than 21st century.

Some older, classical things are worth preserving ~ misogynistic men and painfully slow internet connections should be consigned to the junk pile where they belong.

 Jack Collier


steam trains are alive,

electric locomotives are just technology

Snail E-mail

slow down and enjoy the beauty of life.

every holiday hotel needs a nice pool

If you live at a slower pace maybe you shouldn’t expect lightning fast wi-fi performance in your small, friendly, relaxed hotel.

Well, here on vacation in Turkey I’ve switched from a big, soulless, unsatisfactory hotel, to a much smaller, much nicer, more relaxed place for the second part of my vacation.  The pool here is very nice indeed.

There is a slight snag when it comes to being connected to the web, because the wi-fi here is slower, more relaxed, and just about comatose when it comes to response times.

Ah well, I am on vacation, I can put up with poor internet performance when measured against sun, sand, scenery, and turquoise sea.

Just don’t expect long and regular posts for the next few days.

I could die of old age while I’m waiting for a screen to refresh.


Jack Collier


Wi-Fi here doesn’t have a white rabbit’s sense of urgency

Boat Trip

I don’t need therapy, I just need a boat trip

On a vacation in Turkey, on the Turquoise Coast, it’s de rigueur to take a boat trip, perhaps out to some of the island’s that carelessly rise from the pretty blue-green waters.  As it goes, today I am enjoying my second little-ship cruise around the tranquil Mediterranean.

This bit of coastline is sometimes called the Turkish Riviera, which is a misnomer, because it’s rugged, pretty, and charming in exactly the same way the French Riviera isn’t

Unless you are both antisocial and a very poor sailor these shortish boat trips are to be recommended as an interestingly different way to spend a day relaxing in the Mediterranean sunshine.  And getting around by boat is far, far more uplifting than visiting exactly the same places on a charabanc trip.

On top of which eating, drinking, dancing, and sunbathing are all actively encouraged on these excursion boats.

There was a little bit of a lop on the peaceful sea today, which made for an interesting ride and some white spray coming up at the bows of our boat.


Jack Collier


Sun, sea, but no sex please,

I’m an English Gentleman

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