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Songs on Saturday ~ Londonbeat

she was the sun, moon, and stars ~ she was the love of his life

Nothing lasts forever, but some love affairs bring on the sun, so what does time matter?

Yesterday my sun was shining brightly, and that was enough to bring happiness and love into my life.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  All I know is that I am content today.

Please listen with a sense of fun.


jack collier


been there, seen the eclipse

shame I had to go to Wyoming


safe in my embrace

 trust is feeling safe with him ~ love is striving to keep that trust

feel the sun on your skin

let the warm future begin

enjoy a cool glass of wine

dream your dreams of him

gentle when he touches me

for my heart bruises easily

feeling the sun on my skin


jack collier


trust begins and ends with the truth

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