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The Ripple Effect

To be holistic is to live in the matrix interconnectedness of all things

A good friend of mine recently went to see the J B Priestley play An Inspector Calls, which amazingly I haven’t seen, and if asked I would have guessed was written by Agatha Christie.  (At grammar school we had an unending diet of Shakespeare.)

It seems that my friend has this thought after the play;

Every word we speak or write, every action we take or choose not to take has a ripple effect.  Goes out from us into the world around us.  Creates an impact.  Most of us are immune to that awareness.  None of us should be.

I firmly believe this is as close as it gets to an ultimate truth.

Every action has a reaction.  To truly know, you cannot just study or understand one part ~ you have to study and understand the whole thing.  We are all connected, these connections stretch like an incredibly interwoven and complicated tapestry.  There are no such things as side effects, there are just effects.  Matrix; the physical, cultural, social, or political environment in which something develops.

Quantum Physicists have an understanding that two things can be interconnected over any distance by what Einstein called spooky connections, although now the preferred term is quantum entanglement.

When one begins to look at these phenomena with an open mind, one begins to understand how everything in the Cosmos is interconnected to every other thing in the Cosmos.  More deeply one begins to gain a deeper knowledge of interpersonal relationships; why some work, and why some go so badly wrong.  It is actually impossible for someone to effectively lie to someone else, unless the person being lied to wants to believe the lie.  The interconnectedness of all things means that we are always aware of the deeper truth in any situation, ignorance is a choice.  To choose to believe the lies of the one you care for will destroy you.

The interconnectedness of all things is also the basis of true spirituality ~ we are each one with the entire Cosmos.  Begin to accept and understand that and you begin to accept and understand a deeper and more rewarding Life.


jack collier


infinity; the interconnectedness of all things

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