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Songs on Saturday ~ Fleetwood Mac

even seven would not be too many…..

Seven wonders…..  why is it that most legendary, mystical, and magical things all come in sevens.  Except the three witches of course ~ maiden, mother, crone.

I remember this from the days of my youth, when Stevie Nicks was second only to Debbie Harry in young boy’s dreams.  And just who is Sara?

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier



not all witches are unattractive

the cat is called Pyewacket ~ a minor demon

light of selene

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.


goddess of the moonlight

shine your love down on me

make it kind, strong, and bright

be with me in wanderings by the sea

never leave me alone again in the night

do you feel my heart beating, am I dreaming?


jack collier


these days I always use a Lumix

someone to watch over me



solitude is not the only choice

in the night I hear her voice

though she is not near

I can always see her

inwardly I rejoice

she has chosen


always to watch over me



words and pictures by jack collier     jackcollier7@talktalk.net

moonwolf aroused chertia



braver, bolder, stronger, tougher, wiser,


no more regrets and excuses

no more fearing painful failures


the moon shatters mental walls and fears

the moon casts its pale light in the darkness

where there was weakness he has found strength



The Hero’s Path



not determination

nor confidence, nor bravado

but, true acceptance that

whatever I need to do

I will do ~ no matter what

no matter the difficulty of the task ahead

I will become the Paladin, the polymath, the kind and considerate man

the honest Hero may struggle, but will never surrender

for his Goddess is with him, always




Aphroditewords and photographs by jack collier


The Crone to a Maiden

Every so often I am struck by idiocy, and being up and about in the middle of the night, worrying, is one of my favourite pieces of stupidity.


As it goes, midnight of February 1st / 2nd, was a perfect time to be up and about, stupidly worrying.

Today, February 2nd, is Candlemas ~ the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, one of the 12 great Christian feast days.  In Britain, Candlemas is also a cross-quarter day, or term day.  This is sometimes used as the starting date for school terms and in Scotland as the day on which rents fall due.

AphroditeAs is usual for Christianity, Candlemas is based on a far, far, older pagan / Roman festival, and falls on a day when one-eighth of the year has passed.

Cross quarter days are part of the wheel of the year, and in paganism Candlemas is called Imbolc, (derived from Imbolg, meaning quickening in the belly).  This marks the first stirrings of Spring, and is when spring cleaning is supposed to start.  This is the time of The White Goddess.

February 2nd; Imbolc, (Imblog, Imbole, Candlemas), is one of the threefold transition points of the Goddess energies from those of the Crone to those of the Maiden.  Traditionally this is a Sabbat of Purification, and a festival of Light and Fertility.  If you wish good fortune, then just after sunset on Imbolc, one should light every lamp in the house ~ and especially light candles in each room.

If you are either poetical or practical you should really pray to the ancient Goddess Brigid.  Especially midwives and metal-smiths wishing good fortune should maybe acknowledge Brighid’s Day / Candlemas (February 1st / 2nd.)

The Americans, who seem to have a talent for forgetting, mark February 2nd as Groundhog Day.  This festival originated among the Pennsylvania Germans, and can be traced back to the wheel of the year and Imbolc.  Imbolc, being the first quickening of Spring, also involved weather prognostication, but the animal in question was a badger.  The Scottish have a poem for it;

If Candlemas be bright and clear

There will be two winters in the year

If Candlemas brings clouds and rain

Winter will not come again

What you really, really want on Groundhog Day / Candlemas / Imbolc is clouds and rain.  And candles, don’t forget the candles.


words and pictures by jack collier



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