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Travelling Companion

a mind that encompasses new experiences can know the universe

Einstein could be enigmatic.  And it’s not Barbados.

Cancun if you want to know.  Barbados is shut.

Travel broadens the mind.

Now I need a girl.


jack collier


or a woman

What Turns You On?

real love is confidence, acceptance, and understanding

what women want

You will not be surprised to learn that I still have no real idea what women want, other than security and steadfastness.  I sort-of know that women want, need, and desire things like trust, respect, acceptance, understanding, and somebody with enough money to look after them.  And that some people have kinks that we wouldn’t want to imagine.  But, what do women really want?

So, obviously I checked a website, and came up with dross.  It seems that women want, need, and desire; confidence, trustworthiness, integrity, compassion, emotional honesty, respect, and a sense of humour.  Jeez, the woman who wrote that must have been dating the slob next door lookalikes or guys in their twenties.  Apart from the emotional honesty thing.

Almost no men are emotionally honest, not even with themselves.  Asking for emotional honesty from a man is like asking for him to hold a conversation and walk up a flight of stairs at one in the same time.

I checked some other sites and the women writing them came up with things like;  vulnerability, stability, equality, awareness, emotional presence, interestedness, protectiveness, acceptance, and assertiveness.  Some slightly iffy and slightly contradictory stuff there.

I’m a man, and from bitter experience I will tell you exactly what women want when it comes to men.

  • Looks, Presence, Physicality, Command Ability.  In general women do not get turned on by a Forrest Gump played by a Danny Devito type, but they do get turned on by Bond played by Connery.  A big dick helps.
  • Money.  I don’t give a shit what any woman says, while some woman might fuck a hot-looking pauper, it’s not what they really want need and desire.  They want a man who pays for dinner, sends flowers, dresses nicely, has a cool car, and can afford to take them on expensive vacations.
  • Power.  Power is the greatest aphrodisiac there is, according to Plato.  Why else would any woman sleep with some notable politicians?
  • Intellect.  Unless she is a bimbo, women want a man who can hold a conversation, knows where Canada is, and can discuss anything, anytime, with anybody.
  • Talent.  Women do not like talent-less men, and whatever talent he has better be masculine.  Not many women are turned-on by a guy who is good at quilting.  Women prefer men who can fix their car at two in the morning, in the pouring rain.
  • Listening.  Women like to talk, and they prefer it when the man they are dating actually listens instead of constantly talking over them or being bored.  Listening to a woman, any woman, is a learned skill for men.
  • Steadfastness.  Women like men who are there for them 24/7 365, no matter what.

Of course this is based on an unscientific straw-poll, and the answers depended on how much the women I polled had to drink.  And, there is more, and not all women are the same, and some men have hidden depths.  But I know, from being able to listen, that a woman who lets go a man who ticks all the boxes I’ve listed above regrets it forever.


jack collier



looks and being able to ride a motorcycle are enough for one woman I’ve known

The End Of A Friendship

in life your true friends show themselves, and the others disappear

all things come to an end, even dreams of summer

It’s always sad when a friendship comes to an end, but some friendships last far too long, way past the time that they should been over.  I just ended a friendship that had gone on for years beyond it’s natural life.  I ended it by email, because she didn’t answer my call, perhaps that was bad of me.  But, it needed to be over.

Some things are just not acceptable from a friend, and it is up to us to decide what we will live with, understand, and forgive, and what we won’t.  I decided that a long-term friend had just told me something I just wasn’t prepared to tolerate and accept.  She’s gone back to her old habits and haunts, and I can’t even begin to cope with that.  It was a toxic friendship, ruining my mental health and well-being.

I was getting drunk in an effort to make things OK, and that was never going to be a solution.  Booze just makes things worse, although she will never accept that as far as she is concerned.  So, it’s the end of that friendship ~ and although I’m a little bit sad, it’s better that she’s never going to make me desperately unhappy again.

I’ll try hard to completely forget her, but I won’t spend the rest of my life trying.

It won’t take that long to move on.

I far have better friends now.


jack collier



an honest enemy is better than a friend who lies by omission


Scenes on Sunday ~ Sara

a real man should build his own sports car







jack collier


there’s always a woman involved somewhere

Songs on Saturday ~ Harry Chapin

you’ve never seen dark until you’ve seen dark in a coal mine

I come from a blue-collar, coal-mining, working-class background.  My father worked down the pit.  When I was old enough I got just as far away from that as I possibly could, and I never wanted to go back there.  Hence, apart from this song I never wanted to go to Scranton Pennsylvania, the centre of what was an anthracite mining area.  I think this is funny.

Scranton is on my bucket list ~ now that all the coal mines are closed.  I suppose it doesn’t stink of mashed bananas any more.

Please listen with a GSOH.


jack collier


quite the old truck wreck

Monochrome Monday ~ Girls

the world seems better in black and white







jack collier



sometimes a bikini should stay dry

Bucket and To Do List.

help me to risk failure that I may discover new things

not many will know where that sunset picture was taken

It’s kind of stultifying here in the garret, in theory I’m only supposed to go out if it’s absolutely necessary, or for my daily fresh air and exercise.  I can’t really leave town, and I certainly can’t leave the country at the moment, but as soon as this imbecilic and pointless lockdown is lifted, I am out of here, doing some cool and exciting things.  Although, I can make a start on some of my list right now, ergo I have made a beginning on;

  1. Get myself much fitter and healthier, looking and feeling better.  My preferred exercise is just plain walking; for me it exercises my body, mind, and spirit.  Walking gives me time to think and quiet my emotions.  My daily target is 5 miles, (10,000 paces as recommended by lots of fitness gurus), this morning I walked 10 miles, (20,240 paces) in the fresh air and sunshine, getting my knees brown.
  2. Be a better friend to those I really care about.  Lose all of those defects of character I have collected over time.  Be the English Gentleman, The White Night, The Steadfast Friend, and the Hero if I need to ever be that for a friend.  Hey, I’m working on it.
  3. Get out of this place.  I like travel, and I can afford both the time and the money.  Just as soon as I can I’m going to California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Crete, Malta…..  Probably in just about that order.  I’d better leave room for Marmaduke in my luggage…..
  4. Buy a car.  For years I’ve gotten bye with renting when I needed a car, but now I want to go out and buy something I really like.  I have a short-list, and a generous budget.  It will be a classic, so an older vehicle.
  5. Go through my clothes, shoes and stuff again.  Dump anything that doesn’t really fit the cool, together, classy English guy I want to dress as, to portray.  I can think of some stuff that I should never have bought, and I should never wear again.
  6. Learn something new, interesting, and difficult.  I think I’m going to be studying practical psychology for a while, along with astronomy and astrology.
  7. ??????  I don’t know what goes here, not yet anyway.  All lists should have clearly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.

I should never be afraid to risk failure.  WTF have I got to lose?  Only by risking failure will I ever learn new and exciting things.  It’s time for me to take risks ~ big risks.

Some say that making lists is a pointless exercise.  And that nobody ever does anything on their bucket list or to do lists.  All I know is I’ve already made a start on becoming that better man, that very cool guy, living a really great life.


jack collier


Meteor Crater

One place I will Never go back to

Random Jottings ~ Motoring Nostalgia

she’s not just four wheels and an engine ~ she’s a friend

Caterham 7 and one-time friend

Sitting at home in this government-imposed lockdown I’ve had lots of time to think and to remember.  I found myself remembering all the cars and motorcycles I’ve ever owned, the good, the bad, and the just damn ugly.  As I have an almost perfect memory I believe this is a pretty good list of my motoring history.

Bikes;  BSA Bantam, Honda CB 175, Honda 400 Four, Norton Commando, Ariel Square 4.

I was never a particularly keen motorcyclist.  England is just  far too cold, wet, windy, and icy to be a fun place tor ride a ‘bike.  However for one memorable year I did commute on a Honda CB175 like the one opposite.  The upside was I could weave through traffic, the downside was that weaving through traffic is damn dangerous.


The very first car I ever owned, the one I learned to drive in was a Vauxhall Viva HA in dark blue.  Since then I’ve liked navy blue cars.  Following that I owned a Mini 850, Austin-Healey Sprite, Mini Cooper, another Austin-Healey Sprite, Lotus Elan, (which I wrote off in a bird-strike at 100+mph on the road from Durham to Edinburgh), MG Midget, (which is the same as an AH Sprite except for the badge), Jaguar E-Type Coupe, Mini 1275.

Then I bought a house and swapped the mini for a Reliant Robin van.  As series of vans followed; Ford Escort Van, Bedford, and another Reliant.

Then I went upmarket again; Austin-Healey Sprite, VW Scirocco, Triumph TR6, Ford Escort as a second car, MG Montego, (that shit heap was really bad), Rover Vitesse, Vauxhall Astra, Rover Coupe, (in dark blue with the removable glass roof, great little car).  Then a stealth black Vaxhall Calibra 2.5, which was a genuine 140mph car, Nissan 200SX, Caterham 7, (and that Caterham was the fucking fastest point to point little car ever on anything other than a freeway). And finally a Light Weight Landrover, which had to be the most brutally ugly car ever built.

Of all the myriad of cars I rented after that, three stand out.  The Ford Mustangs, always a convertible.  The Dodge Charger, and a few Nissan SUVs, which I liked a lot.

If ever I get out of this lockdown I’m buying a Volvo, a C30 sports coupe, which if you have to ask is a very cool car.

I won’t ever tell which of the above list I made out in.  A gentleman never tells.  I will say that you can’t make out in a Lotus or a Caterham.


jack collier


I owned one of these weird 3-wheeler vans

eventually it just fell apart.

Scenes on Sunday ~ Cars

most women would rather cry in a jaguar than on a bus 

V12 E-Type Jaguar

Jaguar XJ S V-12 Convertible

Series One Land Rover

Caterham 7 de Dion

Caterham 7 with a girl riding shotgun

Ford Mustang

my other Ford Mustang

Triumph TR5

jack collier


Triumph GT6

a miniature Aston Martin


I’ve owned, rented, or just driven examples of all of the above.

Fun, Fun, Fun…..

if masculinity is driving, then sexuality is the girl riding shotgun


she looks damn fine

a curve over the hips

a smile on her lips

that taste so divine

she’s something else

she has the hot looks

and the tender touch

she’s something special

and I’ve got the car


jack collier



A Mustang, the desert, and a girl,

what’s not to like?

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