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aches pains and sprains

A sprained wrist can hurt a lot more than you’d think.

A little while ago I sprained my wrist ~ the doctors told me this was a moderate injury, put some strapping on and told me to keep my wrist immobilised for three days.

Quite wrongly I assumed that the worst I’d suffer was a little pain, and that I’d recover in a few days.  Turns out that it hurt like hell, (especially at night).  This minor injury also stopped me from doing some very ordinary things like tying my bootlaces, as I mentioned in another recent post about disabling problems.  If that wasn’t bad enough, today, two weeks on from the injury the pain is bad enough that I’ve had to imobilise my wrist again.  One feels quite helpless when you can’t pick up a coffee mug with your right hand.

I don’t know what this goes to prove except that as one gets older we take longer to bounce back from ‘minor injuries’, or that a sprain is much worse than people think, or that without one’s dominant hand life is quite difficult, or all three of those things.  (Last year I broke a few ribs and recovered from that injury with no problem at all.)

So, if you sprain your wrist it’s going to hurt worse than you expect, and it will take a while for you to get better again.

Oddly, my teddy bear Marmaduke is fine after coming out with a sympathy sprain.


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Bad Day at Black Rock

coping with only one hand

in the film noir bad day at black rock Spencer Tracy plays a one-armed man coping with deception, difficulty, and danger.  a few days ago i sprained my right wrist, and from my limited recent experience, coping with anything while you can only use one hand is damn difficult.

typing this blog post with my left hand is much harder than you’d think ~ maybe there are keyboards specially adapted for only one hand.

basic daily tasks ~ washing, shaving, and dressing are taking me a long time and much thought.  going out, for example to do some shopping, is just not going to happen.  how vulnerable is having only one good hand making me feel?

locked-doorhousehold chores are unbelievably time consuming ~ cooking and washing up the dirty dishes takes so much effort it will have to be take-out food and ready-meals until i can use both hands again.  i did some laundry yesterday, and found i can’t neatly fold clean stuff.  if i lost the use of my right hand on a long-term basis, either i’d have to send out my laundry, or get a home-help.  (there’s a snag with a home-help for me; nobody is allowed to come into my garret.)

other ordinary tasks such as bed making are problematic with only one good hand ~ and i have no idea how i’m going to tie my shoelaces.

all this makes me realise that if one doesn’t have the usual complement of fully functioning bits, then one’s day-to-day life becomes difficult, slow-paced, frustrating, expensive, and maybe reliant on others.

P1020817a really good society would give extra help to those less fortunate, to those with physical, or mental, or other problems.   however, i don’t see too many signs that we’re living in a good society right now.  at least, my sprained wrist should get better soon, and in England treatment for my sprained wrist is ‘free’.  i’m kind of glad that i don’t live in the USA today.


dscf0036jack collier


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