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The Chairman of the Board

Basically I’m for anything that gets you though the night
be it prayer, a woman, or a bottle of Jack Daniels

Yesterday I spoiled myself by buying a Sinatra double album.  A very close and very special friend then talked with me about Old Blue Eyes songs, that she doesn’t play them so often ~ this is for her, and for every woman I’ve ever loved and lost .

Maybe liking The Chairman of the Board’s music is a guy thing, but we play Sinatra at the best of times and the worst of times.  When you’ve just got a great job, when you’ve just lost your job, when you have just dated a fabulous woman and danced with her, when you’ve seen your woman kiss another man. This next song is the most passionate waltz there is, I know a woman I’d like to waltz with, at midnight, at the top of the Flat Iron Building, with this playing for us.

Sinatra live plays with the lyrics and the timing ~ hell he can talk through a song and make it sound great.  You know Sinatra only ever did one take of every track he ever recorded.

Please listen with respect.


jack collier


Black vinyl is so uplifting and relaxing

Christmas Eve

NORAD Tracks Santa’s Sleigh Tonight


check out the official NORAD Santa Tracker

click on the link above

Despite the US Government shut-down, NORAD will still be tracking Santa’s Sleigh tonight ~ beginning at 07:00 GMT.



brought to you by jack collier


Santa has an around-the-world fighter escort

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