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if you don’t know me by now

misunderstandings and rejections

Following on from this morning’s post Rejection in Relationships, I thought I’d let you listen to this song by Simply Red.  It says a lot about what it feels like to be rejected inside a relationship / marriage.  It hurts, a lot.

If you find yourself listening to this kind of song

then I’m guessing you’re not happy

and it’s time to move on


jack collier



sometimes, it’s time to walk away

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Simply Red

red isn’t just a colour, it’s a state of mind

Back in the day I knew some very interesting women who thought that Mick Hucknall was cool and sexy.  Obviously, I can’t see it myself.

Some things do look great in red.  Sports cars, speed boats, aeroplanes, guitars, sexy women, sunsets, apples…..


jack collier


a Reliant Robin doesn’t look good in any colour

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