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Random Jottings #6

she’s always so good when she’s so bad, she can be cruel


you can judge the promise of a mature bitch by the quality of the blood it’s written in


she has something very much darker than ice-water in her veins


she did that silently dismissive thing older women do with their eyes


some women are pretty

some older women are pretty exciting


jack collier


she can’t rely on stockings and stiletto heels forever

but it’s working pretty well right now

GILF ~ (warning adult content)

a forty-something who has had a full love life can be fun


older women are easy

neglected and lonely

an available slut granny

something over forty

high drunk and horny

unfocused and dreamy

looks so hot and dirty

wearing low-cut slutty

shows heavy soft titties

staring at me intensely

she’s extremely friendly

licking her red lips wetly

call fast uber, her money

opens dripping wet pussy

and I do her deep, doggy

she cums hard and loudly

then slut whore hot fanny

and I’m only just twenty


jack collier



some older women are promiscuous

a Kiss From a Witch

a kiss from a witch in the moonlight


I loved a witch

and I kissed her

she kissed me back

who is the fool now?


jack collier


money buys even a witch

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