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Christmas is Cancelled

no Christmas please, we’re British

Here in England the government has become infested with a militant scrooge mentality, with a lot of the grinch thrown in.  Eighteen million people in London and the South East are now forbidden to see anyone outside of their own households ~ no family Christmas for them.

In London and the South East of England; travel is not allowed, pubs, bars, restaurants, shops, and churches are closed, Christmas fun is forbidden.

Obviously face masks and all the previous lockdowns haven’t worked.

Look forward to a very Merry Christmas Everyone.

Unless you’re English ~ ashes are our lot.

It’ll be lonely this Christmas.


jack collier


Christmas?  Bah Humbug



Christmas? Bah Humbug

the Ghost of Christmas Present haunts the land

The British Government is tying itself in knots over what to do about their conflicting views on the coronavirus and Christmas.  On the one hand are the doom and gloom merchants who would prefer that Christmas was cancelled this year, or moved to midsummer day, or just done away with altogether.  Chief of these Scrooges is an unattractive drone called Chris Whitty, who has this witty catchphrase for his idea of a proper Christmas; ‘keep it small, keep it short, keep it local…..’  What a charmless, overpaid wazzock that person is.

People of his ilk have obviously got to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, because his latest soundbite is; ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas.  And this year sadly I do mean little…..’  At least he has promised that he would not be cancelling Christmas.  Whereas in the People’s Democratic Government of Wales, anyone having a good time will most likely get arrested.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what anyone in the government says because a hell of a lot of people will just ignore the official ‘advice’ and get on with their own Christmas as best they can.

Unfortunately my Christmas plans have been totally canned, since British Airways stopped me from going to Cancun.  I’ll be alone again over the holidays.


jack collier


I hope nobody gives an order to stop Christmas shooting down Santa


Christmas is Cancelled

Scrooge had the right idea ~ Christmas Bah! Humbug!

For the second year in succession my Christmas vacation plans have been cancelled ~ without so much as a ‘bye your leave’.

The thing is, when other people totally fuck up mess up your Christmas holiday plans, they feed you a bunch of guilt assuaging crap in the mistaken belief that you can’t telling the whole truth.

The other thing is, when Christmas vacation plans get suddenly cancelled, it’s pretty difficult to unwind arrangements, and almost impossible to make alternative plans with only 6 weeks or so until it’s time to fly off to somewhere warm and sunny.  At Christmas Time everywhere is booked up months in advance, the airlines are overbooked, and it’s utterly impossible to find a cute travelling companion.

So, come Christmas Eve, I’ll have a box full of gifts for a woman, a suitcase full of great clothes, a wallet full of US$, and no place to go.  Last year I stayed in the garret on my own, except for Marmaduke, and got good and drunk ~ well miserably drunk.  And it looks as though it might be the same this year.  Which is a shame.

The other sad thing is that, along with my holiday plans being cancelled, comes some problems in a treasured relationship.

l, they always said that when things seem to be going well you’ll get a load of shit dumped on your head.


jack collier


don’t think Santa is coming this way


Monday morning and the poor working stiffs are getting out of bed to earn an honest crust, as best they can.


I spent long enough doing some of that.  But now it’s your lucky day, because I’ve decided that Mondays I’m going to give you some money advice, whether you want it or not.  Look at it this way, back in the day I used to get paid $500 an hour for doing this, so listen up.  I’d tell you my qualifications, but unless you’re the type who is having a heart attack and asks the heart surgeon where he interned, there’s not much point.  (If you are the type who asks a heart surgeon where he interned, then just fuck off and don’t read my blog again.)

So, the most important thing right now is to ask yourself is; are you broke, or do you have any money in the bank and / or cash under the mattress?

Interest rates are an historic low.  If you have more than $1,000 in spare cash you are a fool.  Money is worthless, (that’s complicated, but trust me), if your cash isn’t doing anything you may as well stay in bed on Monday morning.

So, what would financially intelligent people do right now?

  1. Pay off your debts, until you only have the magic $1,000 left in your pocket-book or bank account.
  2. Pay off those debts in order of the highest interest rate first.  Unless you are an utter wassock this will mean #1 credit card balances, #2 store credit, #3 personal loans from a reputable provider such as your bank, #4 your mortgage.
  3. Get rid of any and all bank accounts, credit cards, store cards that charge a fee.  This is a sick practice, and I should know, I practically reinvented the idea of ripping-off bank customers.
  4. Start putting any cash, bank balances, and  ‘credit monies‘ you have left to work for you.
  5. Do not fall for get rich quick schemes.  If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.  An honest annual rate of return right now is 6%.

Wall StreetOK, number 4 above is difficult.  But this starts with the fact that the stock market as a whole usually shows an annual rise of 3% to 6%, plus you get dividends.  Google this if you don’t believe me.  Rule #1, don’t buy a managed portfolio / product.  The people advising you about / selling financial investments are jerks and crooks.  Don’t trust them.  If you have a little spare cash buy a couple or four blue chip stocks or a tracker investment.

Never, ever, trust a financial advisor / banker / friend when it comes to financial investments.  (And, you are a fool, and or a woman, if you lend money to a friend or member of your family.)

If you’re a guy with a lot of spare cash, at least spend it on your girl, or any woman, rather than being that utterly boring and useless fart, the  contemptible Scrooge who thinks he’s watching his money grow.  Your money isn’t growing, it’s dwindling away.  Idle money loses value over time, always.

More insults advice for the financially naive next Monday.


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