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Scenes on Sunday ~ Rocks and Stones

Is the rock to be moved from its place?

the smooth road teaches us little

give me the hard road to walk alone

strewn with rocks and unforgiving stones








words and pictures by jack collier

and the girl riding shotgun


Garden of Rocks


If your path is strewn with rocks

likely you made it that way

All men turn a good thing bad

seeing nothing worth nurturing

Give a man a woman’s love

and he will betray her without thought

Give a man your heart

and he will throw it into the dust

Give a man a true friend

and he will think friendship unnecessary

Give a man riches

and soon he will be a beggar

Give a man cool, clear water

and he will lust for wine

Give a man bright clouds and sunshine

and he will want dark clouds and rain

Give a man a glimpse of spirituality

and he will use science to negate it

Give a man God

and soon he will be graceless

Give a man the Garden of Eden

and he will cover it with rocks


words and picture by jack collier


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