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we will remember them

At the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month…..
the guns fell silent.


silence after

blast, fuse, impact

ballistic parabola

shell, stink, smoke, spin

force, guncotton explodes

nitric acid and cellulose

primer, spark, trigger, target

sight, refraction, glass, light

trench, revetment, mud

bronze, steel, iron, wood

England and Germany

the Great War


jack collier


The Glorious Dead

We Will Remember Them

In England, today is Remembrance Sunday when a Royal Memorial Service is held at the Cenotaph, on Whitehall in London.


The Queen at the Cenotaph

When the boys come back

They will not be the same;

for they’ll have fought

In a just cause

Siegfried Sassoon


In England, a poppy is worn in remembrance.


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