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Food on Friday ~ Herbs; Sage

Sage is an Important herb, especially for adult women

Like most herbs, common or garden sage is a plant packed with complex organoleptic phytochemicals.  These compounds are why herbs are great for flavouring food.  Organoleptic means affecting the senses, and as we all know there are a lot more than 5 of those.  It’s commonly held that humans have 13 senses, but that list may not even scratch the surface.  For example, how do you always know when someone is staring at you?  Not only that, the complicated stuff in the plants we commonly use as herbs would also seem to bypass the senses and work directly on the brain to affect a person’s mental state.  The unregarded sage, Salvia Officinalis, is chock-full of interesting compounds which would be illegal if you tried to buy them over-the-counter.

As any organic chemist will tell you, if you add chemical compounds together, you will often create something that is more spellbinding, than the sum of the individual effects.  That is also what happens when we ingest herbs.  The separate ‘drugs’ in herbs are engaging, but in combination they can be enthralling.  The unique combination of chemicals in sage has a particularly strong influence upon adult women.

The modern urban man with a bit of a garden, balcony, doorstep can easily grow sage.  Like a lot of herbs it it very tolerant of poor soil and sun.  Sage also comes in a host of varieties ~ different sizes, colours, leaf patterns, in fact you could make yourself a sage garden.  Sage reaches a height of about 2 feet, can be pretty rampant, grows best in full sun in slightly acid soil, pH 5.5 to 6.5, and the old growth should be cut back by about half in early spring.  The herbs to grow along with common sage are parsley and clary sage.  Neither sage nor clary will grow well indoors.

While common sage, (Salvia officialis), is packed with psychotropic drugs, diviner’s sage, (Salvia divornorum), is so psychedelic that its legality is under consideration in some US states.

Two very important words of warning.  Diviner’s sage really is a potentially potent hallucenogenic.  Pregnant womenshould avoid clary sage, it can bring on child labour.  In fact if you are thinking about using sage for medicinal purposes, then it may be best to have a word with your doctor before you start experimenting.

The effective parts of the plant for culinary and medicinal uses are the leaves and flowering tops, and these are best gathered in spring.  The active compounds in sage include; asparagine, borneol, camphene, eucalyptol, oestrogens, pinene, salvene, saponin, tannin, and thujone.  Thujone has a very similar effect on the human mind as does the THC in marijuana.  If you can get hold of a plant, diviner’s sage, (a.k.a. Mexican Mint Sage), contains a lot of Salvinorin A which targets the brain’s kappa opoid receptors.   Salvorin A is the strongest natural hallucenogenic.  Basically, sage has similar stuff in it as the wormwood used in absinthe.

Sage is best picked fresh and used straight away.  You can easily dry it for use all year around, but dried sage isn’t always as effective as the fresh article.  Don’t pick it after early autumn, in fact don’t pick much sage after the flowers have all gone.

Sage, especially clary sage, (Salvia sciarea), is a woman’s herb.  The other spices herbs and oils to use with it if it’s to help a woman with anything at all are; cinnamon, geranium, jasmine, sandalwood and  lemongrass.  Mixing these with a lot of alcohol is not necessarily a brilliant idea unless the effect you are looking for is euphoric desire.  In that case, run your lady a tub and add sage oil or fresh sage leaves to the water.  Get a couple of scented candles in jasmine or sandalwood.  Mix your lady an aphrodisiac drink ~ creme de cacao and tequila are good with sage.  Wash her hair and give her a head massage using fresh sage leaves or sage tincture ~ which also treats dandruff.  If she’s a smoker give her a sage cigarette, which is also good for asthma.


jack collier



a sage bed makes a great addition to any garden, or a garden all of its own


Food on Friday ~ Aphrodite’s Herbalist

herbs demonstrate the earth’s nurturing love


there is a love called the herbs

which knows seasons and extraction


which chooses and uses through filtration

the pungent perfume of timed infusion


aromatic alchemical warmed fluids

medicinal herbs mystical magical uses


richly potent oils from maceration

concentrated to potions by decoction


glistening alcoholic secret distillation

Aphrodisiac attention to her golden skin

sensual memories of myriad loves


jack collier


sage is a psychotropic aphrodisiac

sensual women should beware

its dreams of desire

Vanishing Skills

A recent study by The Ordanance Survey, (and who now knows who they are and what they do?) has thrown up a list of 20 everyday skills that are falling by the wayside.  It’s an interesting list, which includes 4 things I’ve never even tried to do;

  1. Darning socks
  2. Knitting
  3. Remembering a friend’s or relative’s phone number.
  4. Baking bread.

bread-baked-from-wheat-flourI am more than competent at the other 16 skills on the list.  I can also do everything on the companion list of more ‘modern’ skills that have been supposed to replace the  more traditional skills.  None of this looks like rocket science to me, (I also know how to build a rocket), but, to be honest, some young people of today don’t even know how to construct a sentence without using text speak.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf I put my mind to it, there are a hell of a lot of skills I take for granted.  For example, who but a loafer or goof-off can’t; cook from scratch, understand and do basic mechanics, fix a burst water pipe, bleed radiators, build simple furniture from scratch, decorate a room, safely fell a tree, drive a manual car / truck / tractor, ride a motor cycle, weld with gas and electric arc, build and fix a fence / wall / shed, sharpen a knife / chisel / axe, rehaft an axe, make a haft from scratch, harvest / split / store firewood, cheat at cards, put up a shelf, build flat-pack furniture (modular furniture), remodel a kitchen / bathroom…?

Actually, the list goes on and on and on.  I can also sail a boat, build a boat, start a fire, purify water, mend ladies jewelry, write poetry in French, reverse a trailer, get a stuck car out of sand / snow / mud, operate a back hoe / bulldozer.., and a hell of a lot more.  How many young men today can build a car?  Even a car such as my tiny Caterham 7


baked_mackeralOf the skills really worth learning I would recommend: learn cooking from scratch,  learn to do laundry and ironing, gardening, first aid, plumbing, basic DIY, making a fire, map reading and navigation, mental arithmetic, clear and legible handwriting, and balancing your cheque book.

Some things I can do should not be attempted by the man on the Clapham Omnibus.  These include; distilling alcohol, making a longbow and arrows, crossbow and quarrels, stealing electricity / cable, making your car run on propane, making a long sword, growing psychotropic herbs

If you are a young man in search of a nicer lady, then I can tell you that your good looks may get you as far as a one night stand, but if you want a lasting relationship learn how to do some very practical things ~ such as cooking her a meal, mending her plumbing, or fixing her car.  (And, if you can’t see the wisdom of my words, then you truly are as dumb as she thinks.)

plumbing-with-ball-valvesjack coller


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