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both porn and the church distort man’s perspective on women

I like pornography, most especially on the boundaries of where art becomes porn.

All healthy men like porn.   A man who says otherwise is most probably a liar or sick.  From personal experience I know that women like pornography too.  But there are limits.  Just as in real life there are some things that an honourable man will not do, in pornography  there are some places I will not go.  Some people like pornography that would get them arrested in real life.

However, the whole thing about porn is that it lets people explore stuff outside of their everyday lives.  I have a friend who likes dog porn  I’m more than certain she would not have sex with a dog but she gets off on watching other women being mounted.  Or maybe she is more than friends with her Labrador.  The whole thing gets very blurred.  Dog porn and animal porn also have their own communities and websites.  k9dating.com

I also know that my very best friend watched porn with her partner when their relationship was jaded.  I have no idea what kind of porn that was.  It sort of doesn’t matter because then she went far beyond porn and fucked a lot of younger men, and he is very dead.

For porn comes in many flavours and colours.  Some is hard, and touches the extremes of human behaviour.  The porn I watch is very soft, and is called glamour porn.  Mostly you would get far more erotic in a strip joint in Carson City.

Just because you are reading this I know you have used internet porn.  Which is cool.  If you continually wank off  over porn that is not so cool.

When I was so sick with pneumonia I wanted to die I had internet porn playing on my TV all the time.  I was too ill to react.

But, do I use porn now?

No.  I don’t believe that watching porn is healthy.  And I also believe it objectifies women.

I’d watch porn with you.  But not on my own.

Some say that all women are sluts.  And that a married woman is a whore trying to find a way to escape.  All I know is that a good guy has some limits.


jack collier


Danica Collins used to do soft porn

Why Men Are Useless in Bed

Some men are hopeless lovers

Bad sex

Some feelings are disturbing, both for ourselves and for those around us.  The feeling that you are not a good lover can seriously hurt a guy.  The feeling that you are God’s gift to sex when you’re not can seriously upset your partners.

sleeping-with-makeupBut, and let’s be honest, men have some problems when it comes to lovemaking.  The worst of these problems is women.  Women can be fickle.  Women won’t always tell you what they want.  A lot of the time women don’t know what they want.  But, if you are suffering from woman problems, the chances are she is not really into you anyhow.

Remember, women are people too.  Women are not just sex objects.  If that’s all you want, then get  a blow-up sex doll.  If you are dating a real woman then talk with her.  Your bedroom is not the set of a porn movie.

The main problem guys have when it comes to hot sex is that a man can be over and done in a minute.  That doesn’t even give her time to think about getting into it with you.  Helping a woman to a hard orgasm takes time, patience, and skill.  There is a time and place for banging her, but not every single time.  And, falling asleep immediately afterward is quite likely to annoy your partner, a little.

drunk-manSometimes women suffer sex, don’t get turned on, wish it was over or they were somewhere else.  Usually this is because you are disgusting.  You smell, want her in positions she hates, you grunt, you call her by the wrong name, you’re drunk, you wipe yourself on her best bed linen, you trash her bathroom, you snore like a pig, your breath stinks.  Or, if she comes back to your place, and she wants to turn around and walk out because you live like a pig, the lovemaking will be bad.  If you ever invite a woman back to your place then have a clean bathroom and fresh bed-linen.  Trust me, the extra effort is worth it.

CASUAL-SEXIf you want to be a good lover then practice some basic hygiene.  Learn how to be considerate.  Learn how to really talk with women.  Don’t get blasted and expect her to enjoy your beer-breath.

Most importantly of all, learn how to kiss.  When you have just met a woman she does not want your tongue pushed into her mouth.  Slobbering all over a woman is usually not a turn-on for her.  Even if all a woman wants from you is meaningless sex, at least learn how to be good at it.  But, if all she wants is meaningless sex, the chances are she is a slut, so all of the above does not apply.  If you pick up girls in bars, and they have first date sex with you, none of the above applies either.


jack collier


Jack Collier Is Unwell


I am afraid that Jack Collier is unwell and is taking a little time out.


jack collier is temporarily unavailable.

There are some things it is better for a man not to know.

Jack has had a disturbing half-hour surfing the internet and needs a little time to regain his right mind.  It seems that his current persona is far too naive, innocent, trusting, guileless, credulous and unsuspecting for real life.   Jack is unused to some of the things people post on their websites and is suffering from having had an unpleasant shock.  Why do women post tit shots?  After a reality check I am certain that Jack Collier will be back,  providing he thinks the game is worth the candle.

Nothing is worth this pain in my heart.

A kiss

from a tainted heart

is transient

Normal Service Will Most Likely Be Resumed As Soon As Possible.

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