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Being Popular

being known by a lot of people is not the same as being liked

very well known, and very unpopular with some

Little did I think that eventually this blog would have had 200,000 hits.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s a lot for a blog written by a bloke.  Especially considering the eclectic mix of stuff I write about, and how controversial / opinionated / difficult the topics I choose can be.  It would appear that I can be prone to lecture at times.

Looking around at WordPress it seems to me that blogs written by women attract a far wider readership than my efforts, and that they receive far more comments than my posts do.  It could be that’s just my perception, but I don’t think so.  And, I can think of several good reasons why both women and men comment more on a blog written by a female than they would on a blog written by someone who is an obvious guy.

But, just because this blog has now had 200,000 hits doesn’t necessarily mean that either it or I am popular.  Maybe it only means that I’ve been around a long time.  The oldest post still on here is dated 17 November 2013 ~ since then there have been another 1,924 posts that still exist, and 10,311 comments.  (Along the way a fair amount of crap posts have been trashed.)  So I may neither be popular, nor well-liked ~ just old.

I could court popularity, or write a blog specifically designed to attract the greatest number of followers, the highest number of hits, the most likes, and a constant stream of comments ~ but I’d have to decide why the fuck I was doing that.  Getting lots of attention would flatter my ego, but not necessarily in a good way.  To me, courting popularity is one short step away from promiscuity, and I have very mixed feelings about that.  I’d far rather be true to myself, think and believe what feels right and proper, write what I want to write, say what I need to say honourably, honestly, and openly.

Anyway, sorry if I disabuse you, but mostly I write this blog for myself.

In real life, in the past, I have courted popularity, because back then my self-esteem was lower than a snake’s belly.  I firmly believed I needed the positive affirmation of others to feel worth anything.  How sad was that?

Some say that popular people are better people.  And that if you’re not popular then you’re nobody.  All I know is that popularity is not the same as quality.


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Marmaduke is very popular

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