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I Don’t Know Everything

if you aim to be perfect you will disappoint everyone

For me to say ‘I don’t know’ is a big thing, it takes guts on my part, but I know it’s an immensely positive thing and a clear sign that I am taking the world very seriously and myself not so much.  Sometimes knowing when I don’t know all the answers, and being honest about it, is the best thing I can do to honour those I care for.  I aim t be perfect, and because of that people end up being disappointed.  Yet, when I admit my blind spots, people flock to support me.

I know that some act as if they know what to do when, in reality, they are hopelessly out of their depth.  They try to project confidence in what they are doing or saying, when what they really need is a lot of help.

As it goes that’s not me.  Most of the time I have most of the answers.  If I was in Orange County and there was a big earthquake I would know exactly what to do, despite my never having been in an earthquake before.  If I were on a cruise and the ship caught on fire I would know what to do, or if I was in a plane crash I would know what to do to survive and thrive.  The thing is there are not so many options and not so many courses of action.

It gets more complicated when it comes to interpersonal relationships.  Yes, I know what to do, but usually I am reluctant to do it because I’m a nice guy.  When events challenge me it is tempting to fight back and hold firm to my ethics and morals, what I say I believe in.  But, I am reluctant to walk away and tell a wayward person to fuck off and never speak to me again.

Life is unpredictable and uncertain.  And I know that I can never be right all the time.  Sometimes the best thing I can do is chill, step back, and admit this is one time I don’t have all the answers.  Sometimes there is no benefit in my being stubborn, judgemental, and closed-minded.  Successful men are flexible, adaptable, and open to the ideas of others.  Really successful men know when to ask for help.

Some say that only the weak will admit they were wrong.  And that the only mistake Canute made was to try to hold back the sea on a rising tide.  All I know is that when I try to be perfect I disappoint everyone.


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pictures have bugger-all to do with the text

except they’re women trying to be perfect


Abstinence from Coffee

Coffee ~ I am giving up coffee for a month.

Black Dog

Just lately, I’ve noticed that around mid morning I’ve been feeling anxious and jittery, as though something bad was going to happen.  Now it may well be that I’m prescient, and something really bad is about to happen to me, or to someone I care for.  But, thinking about it, the more likely explanation for my endogenous anxiety is that I’m drinking too much coffee.  Therefore, I have decided to be abstinent from coffee for one month from today ~ Thursday June 9th.

Giving up coffee for a while could also:

  • improve my general health
  • stop the jitters I get from time to time
  • help with my quest to lower my blood pressure
  • alleviate my terrible insomnia
  • cure the constant headache I’ve had since March 23rd this year
  • mean that I’m not always on the lookout for a bathroom

I thought about drinking decaffeinated coffee instead, but I’ve tried it and it’s as horribly pointless as alcohol-free beer.  As I’m also abstinent from alcohol, I found a better alternative to booze in sparkling water, (club soda).  For the next month, my better alternative to coffee is going to be green tea.

Allegedly, green tea has its own range of benefits.

Abstinence is giving up something you find pleasurable.  So, as well as booze and coffee, I’m also giving up

  • refined sugar
  • wheat ~ it seems wheat is very bad for you, so no bread, nor cake
  • eating foods full of preservatives, (which means buying organic produce)
  • eating any pre-prepared or take-out food, which are always full of salt, sugar, and preservatives
  • watching tv for more than 1 hour a day ~ take more exercise instead
  • perfectionism ~ I am too much the all or nothing man, and far too judgemental

Giving up perfectionism may not happen, but I’ll try.

I will let you know how successful I’ve been on Monday July 11th.

Wish me luck.





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