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Pacific Palisades Perfection

You can lie around on a rock all day, building up that suntan, hoping good things will happen for you eventually.  Or, you can make the good times happen.


Take a road trip, drive the Pacific Coast Highway, (aka State Route 1), stop off in the Pacific Palisades.  On the way enjoy the drive, the sunshine, the music, the girl…


When you get to the Palisades, visit the Getty and relax among some beautiful gardens.


There is mucho sunshine in Southern California.  Back here in the North of England, in November, it’s cold, windy, and wet.  Rain, rain, beautiful rain…

P1040008pictures by jack collier


The Getty Villa

I can’t honestly say the food stall at the Getty Villa is quite as stunning as the rest of this fabulous place, nestled in the incredible Pacific Palisades.


However, the art and gardens are beautiful.


Although this chap needs to cheer up a bit.  (picture taken in the gallery)


pictures by jackcollier


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