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Songs on Saturday ~ Drive

nostalgia isn’t as good as it used to be

I took a little road trip down memory lane today, visited some County Durham villages I hadn’t seen or even thought about in decades.  I was struck by how much was the same as it used to be, and how much was different.  It was almost like being an Englishman in America, it’s almost the same but not quite.  Anyway, this Alan Jackson song about nostalgia is the best I could find for us today.

Please enjoy with a smile.


jack collier


My very first car was an HA Vauxhall Viva

There’s nostalgia for you

Nostalgia ain’t What it Used to Be

out with the old, and in with the new


There is something satisfying and real about people, places, and things that properly belong in a bygone era.  Somehow the old and familiar can give one a lot of pleasure just by being there.

I like classic cars, classic motorcycles, old Hollywood movies, ancient buildings, and old towns.  I also prefer the classical style of dress, good manners that many think outdated and pointless, and more mature women.

In some ways this Turkish Holiday destination belongs in a bygone era;  the people, the junk cars and busses, the antedeluvian attitude of the men towards women,  the snail slow wi-Fi connection in this hotel, seem more 20th rather than 21st century.

Some older, classical things are worth preserving ~ misogynistic men and painfully slow internet connections should be consigned to the junk pile where they belong.

 Jack Collier


steam trains are alive,

electric locomotives are just technology

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