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Songs of Saturday ~ The Umbrella Man

any umbrellas to mend today?

On a day about umbrellas, courtesy of Paula Light;


I just couldn’t resist this Flanagan and Allen song.  So English from 1939, just before war broke out.

You don’t get many double acts like that these days.

Just as well really.


jack collier



no doubt listening to the Light Programme on the BBC

Songs on Saturday ~ Rain

rain can be peaceful, restful, and spiritual

After the umbrella post this morning I wanted to post something about rain, and Singing In The Rain is just a little cliched.  This is different, peaceful, restful, and quite spiritual.  I hope you like it as much as I.

You know what, I find this nice for meditation.

Please listen calmly.


jack collier



one thing we get in England is rain

Songs on Saturday ~ Umbrella

prayer is asking for rain, and faith is carrying an umbrella

Many thanks to Paula Light for the inspiration for this post.  https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/74951/posts/3126787418

Some say that am English Gentleman should always carry a tightly rolled umbrella.

And that sharing an umbrella with the one you love makes the sun shine on the rainiest of days.

All I know is that umbrellas are a damn nuisance on a crowded London street.

Please don’t do the hand jive to this cool song.

BTW I’m too sick to dance to this.


jack collier



a market’s sunshades on Crete

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Hollywood Nights

nobody is perfect, but driving a Mustang is a start

Not everyone likes the Ford Mustang, and to be honest most of them drive like a barge.  But, when I get to California I like to rent a Mustang convertible, just for the look of it.  Believe it or not I actually like Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

And believe it or not I’ve never been to Hollywood.

Maybe my next trip, if I can find a cool girl to ride shotgun.


jack collier



the last Mustang I drove

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Doing It All For My Baby

love is the genesis of genius

OK, so I have a friend.  Even a reclusive writer, deep in solitary lockdown, is allowed to have a friend.  Especially if she’s very special, attractive, and sexy.  All writers need a muse, and maybe poets feel the need for a muse more than most.  Anyway, this Huey Lewis And The News tune is for her.  She likes ghosts, ghouls, and graveyards.

I like the video, even if it is too long.

Please try to keep moving your feet to the beat.


jack collier



it’s not every woman who has had a poetry anthology written for them

Tunes on Tuesday ~ I’m So Excited

dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life

When you’re in lockdown exercising at home is about your only choice when it comes to staying fit and healthy.  Try following along to this video ~ see if you can get past a couple of minutes……

I like these fun dance videos, they make me smile and encourage me to exercise.

Look out for Dr. Frankenstein and the Monster.

Please listen joyously.


jack collier



some would say that Ginger was the better dancer


Merry Christmas Everybody

at Christmastime the old songs are the best

This Christmas song by Slade is a lot more recent than I thought it was ~ like 1980.  And you know what?  You can dance to this ~ but only if you must.

There is quite a good pun in the lyrics.

Enjoy listening and watching.

Merry Christmas.


jack collier


so, where is Rudolf?

Lindisfarne ~Winter Song

who are we as human beings
if we ignore the suffering of others?

At this time, perhaps above all others, we should remember the suffering of those less fortunate than we.  Lindisfarne once was the home of a Holy Priory, Saint Cuthbert dwelt there.  Spare a penny.

Lindisfarne, The Holy Island, holds an important place in the heart of all Christians from the very North of England.

Please listen with charity in your heart.


jack collier


Lindisfarne, another Holy place sacked by the heathen Vikings

Silent Night

the singing of carols is forbidden
and all the churches are closed

Here in England we do not have a written constitution, else our government might not be so fast to remove from us those inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Nor the right to worship our God.  But, the ancient tradition of caroling is now forbidden. as is the breaking of bread with family and friends.

Please listen with a little reverence.

I hope you remember the Gaelic.

There’s some Irish in all of us.


jack collier



as well as caroling

try quaffing and wassailing

All Alone At Christmas

a simple phone call
that’s all it takes to make someone’s Christmas

Because of all the Covid crap I will be spending Christmas alone in the garret.  Except that’s not true ~ there is the telephone, email, and video chat.  These days one never need to be really alone ~ not unless you want to be.

Please watch the video as well as listening to the music.

Some things are just funny, and maybe this one is.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.


jack collier


you’re never alone with a Wilson

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