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Lover’s Moon

The moon is but a pale reflection of the love in your heart.


he took her in the moonlight

her eyes sparkling silver bright

her hair black as the sable night

their caresses, hard kisses excite

desire ignited hot in their hearts

entwined bodies sexually inviting

moving with simultaneous delight

until at last their passion was spent

and they lay under the cold moonlight


jack collier


for the cold light of the moon is love’s softly warm kiss of adieu

Embrace the Moonlight

I love the moon too much to be afraid of the night.


now is the time for me to set myself to rights,

it’s time to stop bemoaning my evil plight,

come out of the dark shadows into the light,

moonlight is better than the blackest of nights,

and that’s where I’ve been, cowering in fright.


There is no point in waiting until tomorrow, there is no mileage in procrastination, and mañana isn’t even English.  I need to take action this day.

There have been things in my life I have not understood, or have chosen not to understand, or have chosen to ignore ~ and these things are now coming out of the darkness of my deep subconscious into the light of my conscious awareness.

Recently it has all been a bit intense, and at times I’ve struggled through cognitive dissonance, not knowing who I am, or what I want from Life.  But I have been shocked from complacency by both my friend and my Goddess.  Today, I am blessed with a powerful and strange energy which has allowed me to make a brutally honest assessment of myself.

This intense, powerful, strange energy is allowing me to make changes within myself I have not previously had the power to achieve.

Yet, I know that any change I attempt to make from within my personality, my id, and my ego, should be for the greater good or it will never work.  I have had far too much help to be selfish and make changes that will only benefit myself.  But, as I improve mine own self, it will reflect in every aspect of my world and my life.

As I give to the world, so I shall receive in return.

As I walk from the darkness into the moonlight, my life and my world will change for the better.  I have realised that to cower in fear in the darkness is to stray from the true warrior’s path.  I thank my friend and my Goddess for that new awareness.


jack collier



light of selene

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.


goddess of the moonlight

shine your love down on me

make it kind, strong, and bright

be with me in wanderings by the sea

never leave me alone again in the night

do you feel my heart beating, am I dreaming?


jack collier


these days I always use a Lumix

moonlight shadow



limned pale in indigo

by a celestial Michelangelo

drifting silent above the meadow

silvering ocean’s rhythmical tableau

casting atramentous moonlight  shadow

witching hour marked by her ethereal glow

cerulean, violet, ultramarine, silver, heliotrope

and finally ~ black


moonwords and pictures by jack collier


lycanthropic love



I love the danger of the night


stalking under bright moonlight

shining silver orb in obsidian graphite


casting shadows black as anthracite

waiting for calm release of dawn twilight

I suffer unrequited love’s self-destructive bite


P1010649words and pictures by jack collier



Bloodmoon Prophecies’ Doom

P1020616The Supermoon Lunar Eclispe is upon us.  This Bloodmoon is the conclusion of a tetrad ~ a sequence of events which has happened just a few times in recorded history, and each one has concided with monentous events.

La statue de cire d'Élizabeth Taylor est visible au musée Madame Tussauds de Hollywood, en Californie. L'actrice est décédée le 23 mars 2011, à l'âge de 79 ans.

Magic, Sorcery, and Spirituality will be strong at this time ~ if you are lucky enough to have a wiccan caring for you, then stay close to her.

wiccan moon

She will be energised at this time.  She will keep you from all harms excepting her own.  She will show you the path to light and enlightenment.


If you know a witch, sorceress, or enctantress, then do not let her get between you and the full moon.  Never kiss a witch on the mouth in the moonlight.

Dreaming Aphrodite

I have it on very good authority, from a Goddess close to me, that this is not a good time to be a man.  If you do not know a woman to be close to, then she suggests that you find one, preferably before the lunar eclipse, or else suffer the consequences.


I am told that Armageddon is not so far away.



Imperfect Gift


Silver skeins of moonlight water

mysterious as a winter mirror

reflecting strange mystical spirit

darkest indigo ephemeral augury

echoes blue-black sky clouds

the colour of her silken hair

far distant sounds the rain

gentle as a virgin’s kiss

she left the imperfect gift

patient revenging sorceress savagery

adulteress treachery so fine in bliss

and every wrong was mine


Katiewords and seascape by jack collier

model kate nilsson






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