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Tunes on Tuesday ~ Herb Alpert

drunk under the boardwalk, out of the sun

I never wanted t go to Mexico. and while I was in Mexico City I hated it with a passion  But I would stop shaving and using deodorant to spend a week in Tijuana with my Californian friend.

I know she would like sitting at the bar, chatting up men.

But the stupid hat on me, maybe not.

I’m an Englishman, a legal alien.

The monster does it better.


jack collier



my friend drinks, smokes,

hangs out in bars too

Food on Friday # 29 ~ Mostly Mexico

I’ve been there, and for me, you can keep Mexico.  But I do like Mexican food, if it’s well done that is. On the other hand, I would never again eat at a certain Mexican roadside diner in Fullerton, Orange County, CA.  However, back to today, these Mexican / Mexico-Inspired dishes all look damn good to me, and there isn’t a bowl of chilli among them.

Unlike many, (some), I love pork, and Tieghan Gerard at half baked harvest has a really great recipe for her favourite slow roasted pork carnitas and follows up with a fun mexican carnitas bar.  I also like steak and here’s a nice looking recipe for steak fajitas with chimichurri and cucumber salsa.  I pretty certain a cute girl I know in SoCal will like these, maybe I’ll make them for her the next time I’m in the States.  (Now that I know what chimichurri is… looks easy enough.)


Steak Fajitas With Chimichurri And Cucumber Salsa

Another steak dish, mexican steak cobb salad with cilantro vinaigrette, this time from Heather Christo.  This is especially for my friend in California, who likes cobb salad, and steak, cilantro, avocado, garlic ~ and she has a lime tree in her yard.


Mexican Steak Cobb Salad With Cilantro Vinaigrette

From the lovely Steph at i am a food blog, I give you this fish taco recipe.  Steph likes a cookbook from a restraunt chain called Momofuku, which has a pretty memorable name, at least…  I think my friend in Orange County will love these tacos.  (I know I can buy tacos in my local store, but just what is a taco anyway?)


Ingredients For Great Fish Tacos

Elise has something I’d never heard of; pazole, which is a traditional pre-Colombian dish.  Well, there you go.  So, from Simply Recipes I give you chicken pozole.  ta-daahh


Chicken Pazole

I like things and people to be easy, so from California Girl Averie Sunshine at Averie Cooks we have this recipe for easy Mexican-inspired hummus.


Easy Mexican-Inspired Hummus

This is a Mexican style dish with lots of differences…  From Petra at Food Eat Love, we have duck carnitas with roasted cherries ~ told you it was different.


Duck Carnitas With Roasted Cherries

For another ‘Mexican style dish with a difference’ Kate, (aka Cookie + kate), has  a recipe for some vegetarian black bean enchiladas on her website.  Nice looking dish Kate.


Veggie Black Bean Enchiladas

How about 15 best easy weeknight mexican recipes from a cook who specialises in Asian cuisine?  Among  the dishes on offer here from ChungAh at Damn Delicious we have this southwestern chopped salad with cilantro lime dressing ~ this will go great with a fat steak, or fish, or chicken….


Southwestern Chopped Salad With Cliantro Lime Dressing

As well as the steak fajitas above, Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest also has a recipe for these very sweet looking mexican samoas cookies.  (Samoas is something I had to look up, we don’t have those in England.  Cookies is another word that we don’t have in England, maybe we should…)


Mexican Samoas Cookies

Need something to cool down after all this ‘hot’ food ~ Jessica Merchant, How Sweet It is has this ‘cool’ fresh mango margarita frosty…  Cool in both senses of the word…


Fresh Mango Margarita Frosty

Camille Styles gives us her 15 best margarita recipes, which is nice if you like tequila or any other kind or booze in your margarita.  These days, well, I’ve had my ration of booze so I’ll stick to sparkling water.


15 Best Margarita Recipes

As I’ve said, I’ve been to Mexico, and I will never, ever, go there again.  Southern California is as close as I want to get.  P1030699Luckily I adore Orange County.  And, for something which to me feels a lot like how Mexico could be, there’s always the mission at San Juan Capistrano.

A really big thank you to all the great cooks featured today.



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