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he kissed a witch

kissing a witch in the pale moonlight is a perilous business



dark night

what she wants

tall dangerous heels

manicure long black nails

familiar magical sorceress cat

enjoy me this night, what’s left of it

Englishman beware a kiss from a witch

erotic sensual beauty in the pale moonlight


jack collier


some women like stiletto heels

and a dangerous manicure

Love of Her

desire is the motivation behind great achievement




solitary alone

near the grey sea

walking at the shore

who else am I going to be

when I am not being only me

just be yourself whoever you are

emotion by the ocean longing for her

it’s a new beginning in reflections of desire


jack collier



dance to the end of love

whomsoever you may become

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

the world is full of magical women,
patiently waiting for a our senses to grow sharper

I know a very wonderful, very magical woman.  Sadly she lives thousands of miles away from here.  Ah well, either love or magic can conquer all.

The Police

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier


real feminine magic is as old-fashioned and special as the British policeman used to be


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