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Food on Friday ~ Easy Lunches

Time is an illusion ~ lunchtime doubly so…..

So many people either grab something from the deli, or supermarket, or just eat out at lunchtime.  Actually, at weekends there’s no reason even a working person should do that.  It’s perfectly possible to prepare and cook a great lunch in about 30 minutes at home, and that way you know exactly what you’re eating without having to puzzle over just what’s in your lunch burrito.  And, if you make lunch, (or supper), at home, then you’re going to have some great leftovers to take to work the following day.

From Dianes Kitchen there’s this wonderful-looking crab meat Frittata.  Now, while I like both frittata and crab this is a combination I’ve never thought of.  I agree with Diane, this dish would be great at breakfast, lunch, or supper ~ or for something to take to work the following day.

Crab Meat Fritatta

Chungah at Damn Delicious has a recipe for creamy red pepper shells, I think this dish would make a wonderful lunch along with a glass of Italian or Californian red wine, and maybe a hunk of crusty bread.  I think I could whip this together in 30 minutes, and it’s another dish to take to work the following day.

Creamy Red Pepper Shells

Well then, Tiffany at Creme de la Crumb invites us to try this dish of Southwest Stuffed Poblano Peppers, which she assures us are the BEST healthy stuffed peppers you’ll ever eat.  If you don’t want your peppers too hot, then choose green and not red.  As well as ground beef and rice you could use a host of similar Southern and Californian ingredients to make you stuffed peppers luncheon.  I guess you could make this dish in 30 ~ 45 minutes.

Southwest Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Here’s an awesomely artistic dish from Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest; Spicy Turkey Taco Salad with Baja Dressing.  This is big, green, nutritious, filling, and healthy.  OK, so this may be a 40 minute recipe, but there are so many cheats and shortcuts into making this that I think preparing this dish just takes as long as you want to take.

Spicy Turkey Taco Salad with Baja Dressing

I am very well aware that you American guys like your mac and cheese, so just for you here’s a recipe.  Found for us by Elise Bauer at Simply Recipes this dish, by Aaron Hutcherson, combines two classic American comfort foods into Chili Mac and Cheese.

Chili Mac and Cheese

This week’s collection is brought to us by Good Housekeeping who have no less than 70 Healthy Lunch Ideas That Will Actually Keep You Full Until Dinner ~ wow!  From this collection I’ve chosen to feature a Kale and Roasted Cauliflower Salad ~ even I like to be healthy sometimes.  Anyhow you can make this dish in 25 minutes, and as well as being a good lunch or supper, it will make a good side for any of the other dishes featured in this weeks Food on Friday.

Kale and Roasted Cauliflower Salad


jack collier



Marmaduke isn’t a big fan of Mac and Cheese

and then again, neither am I

Food on Friday ~ Packed Lunches

Is your lunch at work healthy and nutritious enough?

What do you eat for lunch at work?  Leftovers, a packed lunch, a burger, sushi, or do you eat out at some greasy Mexican diner / restaurant?  You know what?  Whether you sit at a desk all day, work in a factory, or outdoors, your working life is unhealthy enough without you adding junk food into the mixture.

Regularly eating lunch out is just about the unhealthiest thing you can do during your working week.  If you want to spend less money and become healthier, there’s one easy way to do it: stop eating lunch out.  But, never, ever, eat your lunch at your desk ~ it’s disgusting and very unhealthy too.

Even though taking leftovers, or preparing your own packed lunch may seem healthy, nutritious, and good for you, a lot of the time what you’re eating for your lunch at work probably doesn’t contain what you need for optimal functioning.  Dietician Susie Burrell has some ideas for what makes a perfect packed lunch, and so do the cooks we follow on this blog.

First this week we have Chungah at Damn Delicious who offers us 15 quick and easy lunch recipes that you are especially designed to take to work with no hassle, no more ordering out, and no more overspending at some unhealthy restaurant.  From Chungah’s list of 15 easy lunch recipes I especially like her steak fajita salad.

Steak Fajita Salad

This is a very healthy, tasty, and nutritious lunch idea from Andrea at Cooking with a Wallflower: roasted asparagus mushroom quiche.  This is easy to make and would be perfect for a weeknight dinner as well as something to take to work for lunch~ to be eaten either hot or cold.  You can also freeze a quiche.

Roasted Asparagus Mushroom Quiche

If the weather is warm where you are you may want to have a salad at lunchtime, but don’t buy a pre-prepared salad, make your own.  San Diego girl Averie Sunshine has 30 best easy healthy salads on her blog Averie Cooks; including this great looking loaded chicken taco salad with creamy lime-cilantro dressing.  And, all Averie’s recipes take less than 30 minutes to prepare ~ she says you can make this fabulous salad in 15 minutes.

Loaded Chicken Taco Salad with Creamy Lime-Cilantro Dressing

There is no getting away from it, a sandwich makes a good packed lunch, and this is a good sandwich.  From Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked harvest we have this Tuscan tuna sandwich, using ciabatta, tuna in oil, sliced avocado, cucumber, egg, arugula, purple cabbage, and feta ~ it should be nutritious enough, and other than the hard boiled egg, nothing needs to be cooked.

Tuscan Tuna Sandwich

If you have a microwave in your lunch room then a good soup is something you can prepare in advance and take to work for lunch.  Jessica Merchant from How Sweet Eats has a recipe for easy lemon chicken soup, that more than fits the bill.  If you pick the right ingredients you can have this soup ready in 30 minutes!

Easy Lemon Chicken Soup

Another nourishing soup recipe, this time by Joy Manning at thekitchn.com ; chicken lentil soup.  It’s amazing what you can do if you buy a rotisserie chicken.

Chicken Lentil Soup

I have never featured anything from Cosmopolitan before, but there’s always a first time for everything.  So, from Cosmo, we have here 17 healthy packed lunch ideas for work.  Of this list I quite like #17 the grilled chicken and vegetable bowls, originally from Picky Palate.  Allegedly these are less than 500 calories and cost less than $5 per bowl ~ how cool is that?

A big thank you to all the great cooks featured this week.


jack collier


Food on Friday # 34 ~ Lunch

Eating a good lunch is important, if you’re not going to fade in the afternoon.

A lot of working people miss out on lunch, or buy from a deli, or eat at some greasy spoon, (cheap café or restaurant serving fried food), or Mexican joint, or have something even more unhealthy such as ‘pot noodles’.  Instead of that, why not make your own lunch to take to work?

This week I’ve found some quick, easy, simple lunches for you.  Many of these you can mostly prepare at the weekend for the week ahead. As it’s coming up to summer, and I don’t want to get into anything made with bread, (I’m avoiding wheat and flour at present), there are some salads here.

For hot food, the first thing you need to do, if you’re taking a great lunch to work, is check out the facilities in your lunch room. Do you have a microwave?  If you do, then you are all set to make any of these recipes ~ but remember, you can’t microwave foil…

First this week, from the lovely Averie Sunshine we have this bacon potato salad.  Averie has this as a side dish, but I think it will make a great lunch, and should keep chilled in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 days.  And, if you make a batch, you can also use this as a side dish with your evening meal.


Bacon Potato Salad

From Chungah Rhee, (aka Damn Delicious), another potato dish you can prepare ahead ~ sausage, potato, and green bean foil packets.  If you have an oven in the lunch room you could cook these packets at work, or you could cook them ahead and eat them cold, or whatever…  And, you could swap bacon for the sausage…


Sausage Potato And Green Bean Foil Packets

Another potato dish, which you could eat cold or warmed in the lunch room microwave.  From Heather Christo, smoky potatoes with asparagus and chorizo.


Smoky Potatoes With Asparagus And Chorizo

We are heavy on the potatoes this week because you can prepare them in advance, they are a better source of carbohydrates than bread, and they make a great base for a work-lunch salad.  Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest gives us this grilled potato salad with almond-basil chimichurri and 7-minute eggs.  And, that’s one substantial lunch.


Grilled Potato Salad With Almond-Basil Chimichurri And 7-Minute Eggs

Elise at Simply Recipes gives us this Mediterranean potato salad, personally, as a complete lunch I would add bacon or chicken pieces to this recipe, or use it as a great side dish.


Mediterranean Potato Salad

Anne is a professional chef in Wine Country, and on her site Tasting Everything she has this easy, light, and healthy feel-good fresh and light citrus and avocado salad recipe.


Feel-Good Fresh And Light Citrus And Avocado Salad


2o lunchesFor me, the secret to having a good lunch at work is to make too much food for dinner.  If you choose your dinner menus well, then what you don’t eat at dinner, you can take to work the following day, or the day after.  But, if you’re not that organised I have some lists of easy recipes for lunches you can make from scratch.  From Ariel Knutson at thekitchn we have 23 make-ahead lunches to get you through the work week, while from Allyson Dickman of Brit+Co there are 17 make-ahead lunches to get you through the work week.  And, The Everygirl has 15 lunches to make ahead for work.

From Real Simple I can give you 26 hearty satisfying lunches.  There are some really good sandwiches, soups, and salads here, including this turkey salad with tomato and avocado.


ravioli_veg_soupFinally for this week.  After looking around the web for a long time, getting frustrated, I finally found this post from Eating Well ~ cheap healthy lunch ideas for work.  There are 51 recipes in this post, most of which I could make ahead and take to work during the week.  The recipes include this ravioli & vegetable soup, which will freeze if you make a batch and is perfect if you have a microwave in the lunch room.


Thank you to all the great cooks featured in this week’s Food on Friday.


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