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I Love Her

sometimes a man needs to say ‘I love her….’

This song is for a friend of mine, someone I’ve been neglecting for a week, ever since I went to a family event that  didn’t go so well.

And, I do love her…..

I need to say it more often….


jack collier



Love isn’t just for Valentines Day

when a man’s in love

a real man takes the time to learn how to love only one woman


if he is in love

he will find a way

to forge their destiny

together, forever, always

under a soft summer moon


jack collier


yin and yang

darkness and light

Songs on Saturday ~ Lighthouse Family

no matter how badly your heart is broken,
the world doesn’t stop for your grief

Unlucky are they who have never suffered a broken heart, for only those who have had their life torn asunder by faithless love can know what true love really means.

I guess every one reading this has known a broken heart.  I guess everyone reading this knows that it will get better, in time, eventually……  But a broken heart can never really be put back together again, not completely…..

I hope we have all found that very special person who can help us to mend our broken heart.

Please listen reflectively.


Storm wave

jack collier


hope for a guiding light, a safe harbour, and a solid foundation for the love you feel

white water

for true love knows no seasons, no endings nor beginnings


black beach roiling

the lonely figure walking

March gales came in slashing

white water boiling and crashing

and yet he is far away day-dreaming

of love, the moon and stars, finer things

hearing her voice seeing her face in his mind

knowing, deep in his heart, this is the beginning


jack collier


so in love with her

nothing else matters


a soul just cries

break my heart and my soul cries for love into the desert dust


letters lie there helplessly

in a pile inside the door

I’ve tried but I just can’t

remember who they’re for

the past fades

the future hides

and time just glides

then you say America

and that makes me smile

I haven’t seen America

for such a long long while

a soul just cries

new thoughts arise

of blue skies calm seas

But you said California

and it made me smile

if I ever see California

my blue eyes will shine

and as for love

it’s much to old

a story to believe


jack collier


the Pacific listens to my crying soul

Out Of The Blue

one day someone new will walk into your life
and make you see why it never worked with anyone else


out of the blue

love fresh, new 

strong and true

feeling de-ja-vu

did I know you?

did I adore you?

just once before

chérie d’amour


jack collier


and her blue eyes melted my heart


Distant Love

it hurts not having her close
it would hurt worse not having her at all


and I loved her

she wasn’t here

yet I adored her

even from afar

and I desired her

wide oceans apart

distant yearning

to possess her

I still love her

enchanted amour


jack collier


dancing to tunes of love and hope




clear virginal aurora

the sun kisses the morning

in dawn embrace


winwords and pictures by jack collier



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