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Songs on Saturday II ~ London Beat

senza una donna, e quanto è lontana, e sono senza unna donna

A very cool, tough, strong, grounded, together, harder, tougher, sensitive, wiser, self-confident, and self-aware guy doesn’t need a woman to make him happy.  Not much.

Not so long ago a woman almost broke me, physically, mentally, emotionally spiritually.  Luckily I’m over her now.  But not much

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier


she hurt him with her lovely eyes

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Londonbeat

I can change the world, but I can’t change me

These days you can’t buy Londonbeat’s albums in any store I know of  ~  very rare just doesn’t describe it.

As you would expect this song is for a woman I know  ~  someone I’ve wronged in the past.  But that’s a much longer story than I can tell here.  (My one temptation was not another woman.)

jack collier


this is Tower Bridge

not London Bridge

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