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Who Are You?

Unexpressed feelings surface later in uglier ways.

Most of us assume that others respond to the world in the same way that we do, and be can be surprised when they don’t.  Especially we tend to believe that the people we care for; the person we care for most of all, wants what we want, likes what we like, and fits our view of the world like a key in a lock.  Mostly we are wrong, and sometimes that hurts.

The more intelligent a person is, the more originality is found in others.  Ordinary people see no difference between men.  –  Blaine Pascal

As children we developed survival strategies, a self-image, found ways we thought would gain us safety, acceptance, and love.  Often we were wrong about that too.

Each of us has a propensity to show a different face to the world, depending upon the situation we are in at any given time.  Sometimes these faces are false, and sometimes they are destructive.  Often behaving in a manner which is not true to our innermost beliefs causes cognitive dissonance, and that is very likely to make us very unhappy and dissatisfied.

Some of us even change who we are in times of great emotional pressure.  For example; normally I am cool, calm, charming, and kind – a veritable Doctor Jekyll.  But, under extreme provocation I can become the very dangerous Mr. Hyde – and that isn’t good.

I am working on that.  Every single day I try to walk the warrior’s path towards enlightenment, personal development, and spiritual health. Every day I work towards finding balance within my self, so that I only ever show the true me to the world.

Each of us, as individuals, should seek to expand into wholeness, integrity, truth….  We need to seek inner health in body, mind, and spirit.  Those diminished people who retreat into their own narrow ways of thinking become fragmented, forever contracting towards ill-health, lies,7 and self-deception.

Jack Collier


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