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Indecision Hurts

don’t make decisions based on the fear of what might go wrong

every dawn is the beginning of the rest of your life

The beginning of 2020 hasn’t seen everything go right for me, and I’ve been mistaken in thinking that I have made just to many bad decisions.  That isn’t true.  Some things have gone badly for me because I haven’t made any decisions at all.  Instead I ‘ve just drifted along with the tide.

If you obsess over whether you making the right decision, you are basically assuming that the universe will reward you for one thing, and punish you for another.  ~  Deepak Chopra.

Instead of obsessing about doing the right thing, and who can ever truly know what is the right decision, perhaps it’s better just to make any decision, and then live with possibilities that come along thereafter.

In my life I learned that indecision hurts you and everyone around you.  Perhaps It’s time I remembered that lesson.


jack collier


choose your road and then take it

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