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Survival from Illness

hospital is brief moments of fear interspersing long periods of boredom and pain

It’s my fourth day in hospital with kidney problems.

I see an oncologist tomorrow, I think it’s just routine.  It’s also very scary

But, if I get though all this with my health intact, it will be a supreme and liberating experience for me; annulling routine expectations, providing new contexts and challenges, widening my horizons and opportunities.  I believe that this scary episode is testing my abilities, nourishing my honesty, individuality, stoicism, irony, humour, fortitude, humility, and the complexity of my character.  I hope I come out of this a much better person.

Above all this is a reminder of the shortness of our lives, and that I should make the most of what is left of mine.

Instead of being scared, stressed, and depressed, I should try to look on the bright side of things with humour and humility.


Jack Collier


This picture helps me feel calm and peaceful

hypocrisy, honesty, humility?



thinking by dawn’s reflection

I believe these words are true

so I’ll write them just for you

my standards are perfection

yet my beliefs may be flawed

total cure requires correction

dishonesty, truth, or facade?

It needs quite deep reflection

is it rejection or affection?

am I, or am I not, your fool?

you are my Goddess, I am awed

now I know these words are true

and I wrote them just for you



words and pictures by jack collier


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