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Tunes on Tuesday ~ Doing It All For My Baby

love is the genesis of genius

OK, so I have a friend.  Even a reclusive writer, deep in solitary lockdown, is allowed to have a friend.  Especially if she’s very special, attractive, and sexy.  All writers need a muse, and maybe poets feel the need for a muse more than most.  Anyway, this Huey Lewis And The News tune is for her.  She likes ghosts, ghouls, and graveyards.

I like the video, even if it is too long.

Please try to keep moving your feet to the beat.


jack collier



it’s not every woman who has had a poetry anthology written for them

Songs on Sunday ~ Huey Lewis & The News

I guess we’ve had our ups and downs

If a man is very lucky, then maybe just once in his life he will meet someone who is just perfect for him.  And from that day on he might sing in the shower, and he may even sing something like this;

Does this remind you of Fantasy Island?

I guess they couldn’t get a Grumman for this video.

Please listen with a smile.


jack collier


I’m so happy to be stuck with you…..

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