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morning has broken

faith, hope, and charity ~ and the greatest of these is hope


dawn heralds a new day

the sea whispers

words of hope


jack collier



the long night of fear will end

folorn hope



my Goddess please help me

help me to be understanding

help me to be more accepting

help me to be less judgmental

help me to avoid impulsiveness

help me to think before I speak

help me to think long before I act

help me to be more tolerant of fools

help me to stay cool, calm, and collected

help me forgive those who have wronged me

help me forgive those I think have wronged me

help me to lose fear, hurt feelings, and immaturity

help me to be a better man today than I was yesterday

help me lose the angst and replace it with love and compassion

help me lose my unrealistic unfulfilled expectations of those I care for

my Goddess help me to live without half-truths, dishonesty, deceit, and lies

Thank you Goddess, today I will try my best to fulfil your hopes and trust in me


Sunrise2words and pictures by jack collier



the dream is not reality



broken dreams melt in the sun

life’s love is not what it seems

past hopes shattered and gone




words and pictures by jack collier   jackcollier7@talktalk.net

the long darkness



seventeen hours of deep darkness

until the brightness of a new dawn

shows the year lives again

the years go by, our souls live on

we are the lucky ones


P1020534words and pictures by jack collier


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