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Songs on Saturday ~ Harry Chapin

you’ve never seen dark until you’ve seen dark in a coal mine

I come from a blue-collar, coal-mining, working-class background.  My father worked down the pit.  When I was old enough I got just as far away from that as I possibly could, and I never wanted to go back there.  Hence, apart from this song I never wanted to go to Scranton Pennsylvania, the centre of what was an anthracite mining area.  I think this is funny.

Scranton is on my bucket list ~ now that all the coal mines are closed.  I suppose it doesn’t stink of mashed bananas any more.

Please listen with a GSOH.


jack collier


quite the old truck wreck

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Harry Chapin

sometimes you don’t want to arrive at your destination

I sat at the wheel of a runaway TR6 once, down the Stelvio Pass that sort of runs from Switzerland into Italy.  On the right a mountain, on the left a cliff.  Brakes are just one way of stopping a car.

The girl riding shotgun was not calm.

Please drive responsibly.


jack collier


More famously seen in the Italian Job

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