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love’s lost lament

when the lovers’ moon has set, no lantern can replace it


no affection, love is gone,

my life is hard and unholy

like all good men and true

I’ve had to pledge my soul

for if not for love and honour

then what else is right and whole?


Storm wave

jack collier



her harbour light kept me safe

only for love’s light

The lighthouse stands, sending out hope through the night.

solitary in my loneliest phare

I dream of a wondrous lady fair

spending long nights missing her

she is my leading light a beacon far

romance in a long-distance love affair

charm, glamour, exotic mystique, amour

true love echoes the sea’s perpetual thunder


jack collier


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Harbour Lights


Static personal perception of light and dark

Have lying secrets to remark

Confidences kept hidden from sight

 Of harbour lights after midnight

Perfect magical luminous at the near horizon

Star bright shines the winter skyline

And I miss her still 


words and picture by jack collier


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