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Brexit Groundhog Day

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Writing about politics is not my forte, nor do politics often interest me.  However, I am moved to comment a little on the debacle that is the exit of Britain from the European Union ~ Brexit.

In a Parliamentary debate, Jeremy Corbyn, (the leader of the Labour Party, the guy who looks like a bad geography teacher), accused Theresa May, (the Prime Mininster, the woman who looks like the head mistress of a third-rate girls’ school), of being stuck in Brexit Groundhog Day.

For those at a loss as to the allegory, ‘Groundhog Day’ is a 1993 Bill Murray movie based on a story by Danny Rubin.  In the film Murray plays arrogant TV weatherman Phil Connors, who gets stuck in a time loop on Groundhog Day in Punxsatawney, Pennsylvania, and is forced to relive Groundhog Day, over and over again.  As it goes, the pathetic Jeremy Corbyn chose a bad allusion.  The Bill Murray character is arrogant, but capable ~ our Prime Minister, Theresa May is neither.  The Bill Murray character uses these endlessly repeating days to find different strategies to try and woo the beautiful Rita Hanson, (played by the beautiful Andie MacDowell) ~ I’m not even certain that Theresa May has one strategy, never mind using the time to find different strategies to get Britain out of the ugly European Union.  And, Theresa May is not nearly devoting enough of her thought, time, and energy to getting Great Britain out of the European Union.

The Government cannot just be consumed by Brexit.  There is so much more to do.  ~  Theresa May.

However, the Prime Minister has, at least, 5 insoluble problems:

  1. The country is deeply divided.  In the EU referendum on 23 June 2016, only 51.9% of those who voted, (72.2% of the electorate), said they wanted to get out of Europe.  Not only that, there were huge regional variations, with London voting strongly to stay in the EU.
  2. Parliament is deeply divided.  In all honesty, most of the self-serving members of parliament, (that would be about 90% of them), want to stay in the European Union.  The EU is an endless ‘gravy train’ for politicians ~ when Britain leaves all those highly-paid, generously pensioned, non-jobs will no longer be open to British politicians.
  3. Great Britain is the number 2 source of funding to European Union Institutions, (after Germany), and EU officials and politicians are terrified of what will happen to their finances when Britain finally leaves.  Consequently the EU is demanding a ‘Brexit divorce settlement‘ of 100 billion Euros ~ fuck off on yer bike.  The irresolute Theresa May is currently offering 20 billion Euros.  In the view of the majority of English people, we should walk away without paying a penny.
  4. Most of Europe has a strong dislike of England because; we are better than they are, we have won every war with them that’s ever been fought, and we refuse to learn their foreign languages.  This dislike spills over among European Union politicians, officials, institutions, and their press and broadcast media.  That makes substantive negotiations extremely difficult.
  5. Deep within herself, Theresa May seems to be someone who would prefer compromise to confrontation.  She lacks confidence, having called what turned out to be a disaster of a General Election on June 8th this year.  She lacks charisma, even the clown Boris Johnson has more genuine charisma than does Prime Minister Theresa May.  There is no steel in her soul, one can just imagine what Margaret Thatcher would have made of Brexit negotiations ~ likely she would have hit the alcoholic Jean Claude Junker with her handbag.

Those who think in Britain they can push the Brexit button and not have a bill to pay are seriously mistaken.  ~  Charles Michel

What Great Britain needs now is a Winston Churchill, not an irresolute Neville Chamberlain.  (Churchill’s reputation has been hijacked by pro-Europeans, who have obviously never read his books The Second World War, or A History of the English-Speaking Peoples.)

In the best interests of Great Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May has got to be brave, she has got to be strong, and she has got to be tough.  I’m not holding my breath.


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Mythology and Ethnicity

There is no doubt that I am a Briton.  My people were of Celtic origin and were around in the North of England during Roman times.  I have an old and deep bond with the country here, most especially with the North Sea.  My entire sense of place is predicated upon the understanding that the sea lies to the east and that the sun always rises to the south and east.


I believe I have an intense understanding of the present and the future ~ not merely the things there are, but also the things that could be.

The mystery of past life recall is no stranger to me.  For those who don’t know, it’s nothing like you would first think.  Riffle the pages in an unread book and everything you see is permanently stored in your brain.  Accessing those pages with your conscious mind is something else entirely.  An eidetic memory is an uncommon thing in adults ~ or so the psychologists would have you believe.  Most of of your life you have been told that you cannot…  If you listen to yourself you will know that you can….

True sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination ~ Einstein

By training and inclination I am a scientist and engineer.  I can design, build and repair just about anything.  Yet I know there is far more to the Cosmos than can be explained by our current scientific method.  Either we know too little, or we know too much.

A myth is a traditional story, usually including some unexplained or unexplainable events.  Not all myths are false.  I know that I need to explore the mythology and spirituality of my own past, present and future.  I know that some of my legend is also yours.  I intend to share the things I discover of my own mythology in this blog.  You are welcome to share with me.


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Green Energy Kills The Elderly

As an Arctic blast sweeps across Britain, Age UK have warned that almost a million elderly people are at risk from the bitter cold as they cannot afford to heat their homes.  Older people need longer to warm up.  Their blood thickens and that increases blood pressure.  Breathing cold air can increase the risk of chest infections.  Cold can kill the elderly in a myriad of ways.old personMedical advice says that the ideal temperature is 64F (18C) in the bedroom, and 70F (21C) in the living room.  Not everyone can afford to keep their thermostat that high.  In an average winter, one old person dies every 7 minutes in Britain from the cold.  That is 24,000 elderly people dying from cold every winter.  This scandal is the direct result of the ‘political elite’s’ obsession with carbon reduction / renewable energy.

The most cost effective way to provide electricity to British homes and industries is to burn coal in large power stations, such as Drax.  The math is complicated and subject to manipulation by statisticians, but any calculation you want to make into the comparative cost of electricity shows that coal-fired power stations are the least expensive way to make electrical power.  Every other method of electricity generation costs at least twice as much as burning coal.

This island is almost made of coal and surrounded by fish.  Only an organising genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish at the same time. ~ Aneurin Bevan

Our supine politicians, in thrall to the Green Lobby and the European Union, have squandered Great Britain’s natural advantages in these key resources.  As it goes, Great Britain’s offshore resources are not limited to fish.  Offshore coal reserves are estimated to be some 23 trillion tonnes.  Given that the UK currently burns about 65 million tonnes of coal a year, (world coal statistics), we have 3,500 years worth of coal reserves at the current rate of consumption.

Wind_turbinesHowever, instead of exploiting these vast on-shore and off-shore coal reserves, our halfwit officialdom insists on installing useless, expensive, on-shore and off-shore wind farms.  This method of power generation is only possible / profitable in Great Britain because of compulsion and bribery, (subsidies).

British electricity suppliers are required by law to provide a proportion of their sales from renewable resources such as wind power.  Subsidies paid to wind-farm developers currently run at some £1.2 billion a year in the UK.  This is in addition to the grants paid to the manufacturers and developers of wind-powered electricity generation systems.  All of these grants and subsidies come from the pockets of hard-pressed taxpayers and consumers.

HuhneElectricity supplied to Great Britain’s elderly costs more than double what it should, as a direct result of meddling by successive Energy Ministers, (Principal Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change).  The current incumbent is the hapless Ed Davey, who replaced the criminal, lying, adulterer Chris Huhne.

Despite everything that global warming alarmists say to the contrary, there is no evidence that the Earth is warming up.  There is also no hard evidence to support the existence of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change.

It seems that the elderly can be damned to die from the cold, as long as successive useless politicians and their vampiric staff can continue to travel to the world’s beautiful places to attend United Nations conferences on climate change.  Residents of the USA shouldn’t think themselves lucky.  Your president is at least as loopy about climate change as is our very own Ed Miliband.

Not all politicians are lying, adulterous criminals.

Cycling Is Dangerous


cycle_pavementsThere is no doubt that roads in Britain are not particularly bike friendly.  Dedicated bike lanes are few and far between, and usually seem to have been designed by people who have haven’t ridden a bicycle since they were at school.  Consequently, cyclists are always at risk of being hurt by inconsiderate, careless, thoughtless drivers who are usually not paying attention to where they’re going when they change lanes.  Because of this most cyclists have now taken to riding on the footpaths, pavements, sidewalks, just to get away from two-ton tin boxes that can crush a cyclist to death without really noticing.

This places the speeding cyclist into direct conflict with pedestrians ~ those people who have a legitimate right to be on the footpath.  In England and Wales, cycling on the footpath is against the law.  Yet, hardly anyone is ever charged with breaking this particular law, total prosecutions in England and Wales run at about 150 per year.  I have even seen policemen riding their police bicycles on the footpath. This is not a good idea for daydreaming pedestrians.  It is very unfunny to walk around a street corner to be faced with a couple of speeding cyclists coming the other way.  Non cyclists regard this as extreme anti-social behaviour which causes a potentially fatal hazard to pedestrians and cyclists alike.  Cyclists often have less than perfect manners or any consideration for any other person unlucky enough to come into close proximity to a madly pedaling maniac.

London_Big_Ben_Phone_boxA Parliamentary report said; ‘Some cyclists are perceived to behave irresponsibly, such as riding on pavements and disregarding red traffic signals, thereby posing a danger to themselves and making other road users including elderly pedestrians feel unsafe.’  David Curry asked the transport department’s permanent secretary Robert Devereux, ‘Why are cyclists such irresponsible and arrogant road users?’  Mr Deveraux denied that his department looked at cyclists as though they were; ‘living in some sort of superior moral category.’  The report concludes; ‘It is surprising that the department was unaware of a strongly held perception that, through the irresponsible behaviour of some cyclists, they are a hazard to themselves and other road users.’

Not every cyclist is a lout dressed in Lycra.  Not every cyclist has forgotten how to say thank you.  Not every cyclist cannot be bothered to show consideration to other people they meet on the road, pavement, car parks, the beach-side promenade… If you happen to meet a Lycra lout then do not attempt to stand your ground, get to one side as quickly as possible, because the very best you can expect if you make them deviate from their chosen course is a mouthful of expletives, or a stream of saliva.  Do not point out that for riding on the footpath they should get a £30 fixed-penalty fine, because you both know that the police will be massively disinterested.

Motorists in cities face similar problems with aggressive cyclists.  Any motorist seeing a bike in their mirrors should expect the cyclist to do something dangerous, it’s best to pause to let them past, or they are in danger of ending under your wheels.  Cyclists should observe indicator lights and wait for the car to move on, as it is the duty of the vehicle doing the overtaking to keep out of the way of the vehicle being overtaken.  But any motorist who does not give cyclists an absolute right of way is asking for a kick in the door, thump on the window and a stream of four letter words.

The odds of a cyclist hurting or killing themselves are bad enough even with wary drivers always giving them a wide berth.  Transplant surgeons refer to cyclists and motor cyclists as donors and know there will be a fresh supply of spare parts every time it rains.  Every year in England about 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents.  This despite the fact that hardly anyone cycles anywhere.  On average people in England and Wales only make 10 trips a year by bike travelling no more than 30 miles, (out of a total of 7,056 miles per person per year).  Less than 4% of adults use a bicycle as a means of transport, and just over 4% of adults use a bike for fun or to keep fit.  Most cycling accidents, some 80%, involve adult males.

Stair-LapsCycling is an excellent exercise, much better than running in some ways.  Many serious runners of my acquaintance suffer from knee problems, muscle damage, and inflammation.  But cycling also puts you in harms way unless you can find a safe route, free from interference from cars and pedestrians.  Other excellent exercise regimes, for the more mature manly man, are distance walking, stair-laps, swimming, and working out with weights.  As I hate bicycles and getting wet, walking, stair laps, and working out with weights is my personal exercise regime.  A couple of thousand steps is a great cardiovascular workout.

cyclistCycling is also a great sport.  Great Britain has had a lot of recent successes in the Olympics and major road races such as the Tour de France.  But, road races take place mostly on closed roads, and yet serious accidents still happen.  The dynamics of a bicycle are such that the machine is always on the verge of catastrophe.  It is only the gyroscopic effect of the turning road wheels that keeps a bike upright, disturb that equilibrium at all, and you will be kissing tarmac.  Also, back in the day, we were expected to take a cycling proficiency test.  This has now been rehashed as Bikeability.  Sadly, not many cyclists bother with this kind of training.

raleighPersonally, I haven’t seriously ridden a bike since I was at school.  Looking at today’s roads I don’t think I’m going to start now.  Some cyclists lose all common sense as soon as they get out onto the roads.  Some cyclists become aggressive and dangerous.  This is why we should be teaching young cyclists that they have responsibilities as well as rights.  If cyclists go on believing that everything is always someone else’s fault, they cease to have any grasp on reality.  But this attitude of it’s always the fault of the motorist is exactly the line that Cycling England espouses.

The hard truth is;  Keep death off the roads, don’t ride a bike.

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