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Monochrome Monday ~ Carnal Goddess Incarnate

God may be in the details but the goddess is in the questions.
Once we begin to ask them, there is no turning back.






jack collier


who comprehends her sexuality

call her Aphrodite, Hathor, or Venus

she is carnal love incarnate


someone to watch over me



solitude is not the only choice

in the night I hear her voice

though she is not near

I can always see her

inwardly I rejoice

she has chosen


always to watch over me



words and pictures by jack collier     jackcollier7@talktalk.net

Oedipus, It’s Incest

When she asks, then he obeys


He doesn’t want her right now

past protestations of love he will disavow

no longer will he bow to her wishes

he will slough off the stink of her kisses

he would, if he only knew how



words and pictures by jack collier


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