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Random Jottings ~ Sex

if you want to prove your love, then give her your credit card


a women who wears a see through dress without lingerie has got balls


a real woman is her man’s personal porn star


‘be mine…..’ he said, ‘your what…..’ she asked


love is whatever you think it is at the time

but first date sex is always just sex


‘OK, let’s go and fully explore my sexuality…..’ she said

he made his excuses and left the bar right after that


there is something about a really sexual woman that frightens most men


some women fake orgasms, but all men fake finances


jack collier


if you want to prove your love

then give her your car keys 


last night’s loves

be patient, the best things happen at night


last night she realised that he never looked into her eyes

but she was happy he was staring at her deep cleavage instead


I love you…..’ she said softly, ‘please take your clothes off for me…..’

‘these aren’t clothes…..’ he replied

‘you’re a werewolf at night, are’t you?’ she asked excitedly


she came, and then

she came to the conclusion that car sex was much safer late at night


at midnight all she had left were half-remembered thoughts of love


last night, when he said he wanted to sleep with her

she expected him to stay awake for a while first


last night she wanted him

she wanted him to leave her alone


jack collier



in a bar, very close to midnight

the black widow searched for her next victim

Why Do I Care?

It is better to give than to receive ~ the hell it is…..

so, I went on some cool trips…..

Something is telling me that there is no mileage in being a caring guy.  What good does it do me to care about other people’s feelings, to worry if they are upset, and to give a damn if they are happy, or not?

I know that some people go through life not giving a thought about the feelings, or wellbeing of others, and all in all it doesn’t seem to do those uncaring folks any harm whatsoever.  As a matter of fact uncaring people tend to be richer and get more of what they want than do guys who actually give a fuck ~ such as me.

Uncaring people don’t devote their energies making sure that others are OK, instead they spend their time and energy getting what they want, and the devil take the consequences.  Uncaring guys don’t buy their female friends cool and expensive gifts, or pay to take them on vacation, or always pick up the tab in bars and restaurants.  Instead uncaring guys just fuck lots of women like animals.

So, somewhere, somehow, I’m doing something wrong.  I care about other people a lot, and what does that get me, not a  lot.

Some say that a leopard can’t change their spots.  And, that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  All I know is that I’m going to stop giving if I get bugger all in return.


Jack Collier


Cool hotels? A waste of money.


The Lady Loves

Sex without real love is as pointless as love without great sex.





hot sexiness,

the lady adores,

his cool advances,

he takes every chance,

she loves a sexual dance,

she entrances with a glance,

amorous excitement, romance,

is this true friendship, love or sex?

real dominatrix or submissive enough?

does she like very hard, passionate, rough?

or a slow sensual romantic gentle caring love?


jack collier


or maybe she likes meaningless casual animal sex

cheap sex

Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go anywhere with anyone.

night is falling

witch moon rising

she visits bars prowling

drinking, posing, hot flirting

touching, stroking, deep kissing

allowing anything, wanting everything

there is no friendship, affection, romancing

satisfying her promiscuous lust by just fucking

men half her age


jack collier






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Madonna and Whore



the strongest personality

powerful sexual originality

mirrored and contradictory

within protagonist dichotomy

enchantress seductive virginity

libidinous promiscuous sexuality

lax wanton erotic elegant sensuality

bad unprincipled frustrating negativity

she’s a bitch, a slut, a harlot, a pro, a Lady


smoking-whorejack collier



she’s a tramp


Tramp: a sexually promiscuous woman, a hooker, whore, or prostitute.

The damn thing is, bad women are just really easy and so very cute.

Date them once, have them, and then the order of the boot.



I guess all men have dated a tramp, at least once.  If we’re lucky, only once.

Personally, I’ve never even had first date sex.

Please listen responsibly.





Why Men Are Useless in Bed

Some men are hopeless lovers

Bad sex

Some feelings are disturbing, both for ourselves and for those around us.  The feeling that you are not a good lover can seriously hurt a guy.  The feeling that you are God’s gift to sex when you’re not can seriously upset your partners.

sleeping-with-makeupBut, and let’s be honest, men have some problems when it comes to lovemaking.  The worst of these problems is women.  Women can be fickle.  Women won’t always tell you what they want.  A lot of the time women don’t know what they want.  But, if you are suffering from woman problems, the chances are she is not really into you anyhow.

Remember, women are people too.  Women are not just sex objects.  If that’s all you want, then get  a blow-up sex doll.  If you are dating a real woman then talk with her.  Your bedroom is not the set of a porn movie.

The main problem guys have when it comes to hot sex is that a man can be over and done in a minute.  That doesn’t even give her time to think about getting into it with you.  Helping a woman to a hard orgasm takes time, patience, and skill.  There is a time and place for banging her, but not every single time.  And, falling asleep immediately afterward is quite likely to annoy your partner, a little.

drunk-manSometimes women suffer sex, don’t get turned on, wish it was over or they were somewhere else.  Usually this is because you are disgusting.  You smell, want her in positions she hates, you grunt, you call her by the wrong name, you’re drunk, you wipe yourself on her best bed linen, you trash her bathroom, you snore like a pig, your breath stinks.  Or, if she comes back to your place, and she wants to turn around and walk out because you live like a pig, the lovemaking will be bad.  If you ever invite a woman back to your place then have a clean bathroom and fresh bed-linen.  Trust me, the extra effort is worth it.

CASUAL-SEXIf you want to be a good lover then practice some basic hygiene.  Learn how to be considerate.  Learn how to really talk with women.  Don’t get blasted and expect her to enjoy your beer-breath.

Most importantly of all, learn how to kiss.  When you have just met a woman she does not want your tongue pushed into her mouth.  Slobbering all over a woman is usually not a turn-on for her.  Even if all a woman wants from you is meaningless sex, at least learn how to be good at it.  But, if all she wants is meaningless sex, the chances are she is a slut, so all of the above does not apply.  If you pick up girls in bars, and they have first date sex with you, none of the above applies either.


jack collier


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