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Tunes on Tuesday ~ Enya

rivers flow not because of their power, but because of their persistence

I have never been to the great grey-green greasy Orinoco, and as it’s set all about with fever trees it seems unlikely that a mosquito-ridden river is ever going to be on my bucket list.  Not withstanding, I find this a very restful and meditative tune.

(As a matter of fact there’s a bit of journalistic licence here, because Kipling is actually talking about the great grey-green greasy Limpopo.  Not ever going there either.)

Please listen meditatively.


jack collier


I have towed a boat but the girl was always sitting in it

Songs on Saturday ~ Enya

trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky

A week ago today I had a mystical awakening to who I am, my place in the world, who I want to become, and something of the meaning of the interconnectedness of all things.  This track by Enya played a part in making me stronger, bolder, harder, wiser, caring, compassionate, more together, more grounded, more connected, and more capable of loving.

There is one vocal refrain, a leitmotif, Be Yourself.  That said so much to me when I was searching for my true identity.  Before a man can try to improve and be better, he must first of all learn how to be himself.

Please listen thoughtfully.


jack collier


every leaf is a memory



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