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The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.

In San Diego County there is a seaside town called Encinitas.  It is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west; the freeway and railway line to the east.  Like most seaside towns it’s an insular, self-contained microcosm of all life.  Like almost all self-conscious little holiday towns it has more than its share of bars, places to eat, and odd characters.

There are also some cool gardens, nice bookstores, and over-priced womens’ clothes stores.  Encinitas could be any seaside town almost any where, if it weren’t for the fact that almost everyone you meet is so obviously Californian.

What is I about the people from Southern California?  Maybe its the a most constant sunshine, or the affluence, or the liberal attitudes – but the people from SoCal are ‘different’.  Everyone I meet I’d very pleasantly nice, and very ‘laid back’.

Ah well, I guess they would all say that about me.  Being a real Englishman makes one stand out in Southern California. And, not necessarily in a good way.  I’m a little too taciturn, too staid, and too moral for this part of the world.

No worries, I’m heading home soon.

Jack Collier



Scenes on Sunday # 16

This Sunday there’s some pictures of a California seaside town, (mostly of the beach).  These are just a few from a road trip I took with a friend, (a.k.a. the girl riding shotgun).  Almost everyone, (especially attractive women),  likes to hang around cool seaside towns, for the day, for a weekend, or even a short break, it’s just that there aren’t many places like Southern California.

All these shots were taken with a compact LUMIX Panasonic DMC-AS3 camera, using the built-in features.  This camera is so lightweight, small, and smart that it’s perfect for a long day in the sun, and keeping with you as the sun goes down, the fire-pits are lit, and the bars come alive.












liebster-12pictures by jack collier

and the girl riding shotgun


San Juan Capistrano

Drive north from Encinitas in Southern California on the Interstate 5 and after 40 miles you will come to a famous place called San Juan Capistrano.


I wanted to go here because a song I heard a long time ago.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUSC37bLuuU


The swallows legend says that the faithful little birds return to the mission every year on March the 19th, St. Josephs Day.


The mission is a beautiful and restful place, filled with flowers, that reminded me of the set for a John Wayne western movie.


The town of San Juan Capistrano, is also a great place to sit in the sunshine ant eat chocolate ice cream, especially if you have a great girl with you


There is a City in Southern California named Encinitas.  It is by the beach.  Take Interstate 5 and it’s 80 miles south of where I was staying, somewhere near Santa Ana.


It means something special to a girl I know.  She took me there, and I acted like a jerk because I was jealous that she went there with a special guy before me.


He must have been a great guy to have won such a fabulous girl such as she.  He served his flag and all I ever got to be was a snot-nosed officer cadet.


We had a great day at the beach, then I spoiled it all because I wouldn’t eat sushi.  As I said, I acted like a jerk.


This pathetic English fool wouldn’t even get into the Pacific Ocean.


Since then I have gone on being a jerk.  Perhaps if I try hard enough she will still want to be my friend.  Perhaps I will go on trying for the rest of my life.

I hope this is not my sundown with her.




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