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A Multiplicity of Pubs

A good pub is a magical place, right up until someone gets drunk.

In an effort to keep fit and healthy I take a daily walk around this one-horse seaside town, and it occurred to me that I pass a lot of bars and pubs.  I said pass, in that I don’t go inside because I hardly ever drink these days.

Today I counted each and every pub and bar I walked past, and there were 37, and one lap dancing club.

That’s not counting the score or more of restaurants and diners who also sell alcohol.

I wondered how long it would take me to get through them all, if I stopped and had one drink in all the 37 pubs and bars I counted, plus the lap dancing club.  I’m guessing a week or so, and I’m guessing I’ll be in a hell of a state by the time I’m through.

Maybe I’ll miss out the LGBT bar ~ or maybe not, it might be fun in there.


jack collier



English pubs exist to sell beer.

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Beer

he’s only ever been in love with a beer bottle and a mirror

You know what?  It turns out that beer is very bad for you.  Too much beer will make you bloated, fat, and stupid.  More beer than that will kill you.

How much is too much?  If you are who I think you are, then one beer is one too many for you.

Please drink responsibly.


jack collier


a gentleman never drinks straight from the bottle or can

and real ladies don’t drink beer

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