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only for love’s light

The lighthouse stands, sending out hope through the night.

solitary in my loneliest phare

I dream of a wondrous lady fair

spending long nights missing her

she is my leading light a beacon far

romance in a long-distance love affair

charm, glamour, exotic mystique, amour

true love echoes the sea’s perpetual thunder


jack collier


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Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Every now and then even a strong man cries.


May I walk happily, and may it be beautiful before me.

May it be beautiful behind me, happy and and beautiful below.

May it be beautiful above me and may beauty be all around my heart.

In beauty I cry and wonder,  and in beauty there is both my sadness and joy.

Navajo Prayer.



jack collier


daydream at dawn



stargazing aurora pale dawning

fantastic castles clouds imaginings

daybreak reverie slivered brightening

vulnerable warm softly slowly unfolding

delicate sensual transient fleeting touching

dawn horizon brightening adoration delighting

before we knew it, it was over, a memory, fleeting


halowords and pictures by jack collier


peacefully pacific intimacy



secluded sleepy serene sunset light

presaging warm and tender nighttime

in love’s gentle arms and contented sight

and promises whispered soft, low, in rhyme

emotions adoring, congruent, pacific, so right


P1030451words and pictures by jack collier

jack collier 7@talktalk.net

dreaming of you



I dreamed of you last night

we were by the seashore, having fun

feeling friendly, loving, caring, feeling so right

walking together, until the last warm rays of the sun


P1030482words and pictures by jack collier



the soft kiss of dawn



dawn, rising like Venus from the waves

light as softly gentle as Aphrodite’s kiss

in this moment forget we are time’s slaves


Sunrise2words and pictures by jack collier






her lips like wine

and her eyes so blue

how can I convey


if she were mine

I would love her true

in so many ways


my girl would find

that I loved her more

each and every day


comes the dawn

and my dreams are gone

unrequited love is simply

swept away


P1010336words and pictures by jack collier




folorn hope



my Goddess please help me

help me to be understanding

help me to be more accepting

help me to be less judgmental

help me to avoid impulsiveness

help me to think before I speak

help me to think long before I act

help me to be more tolerant of fools

help me to stay cool, calm, and collected

help me forgive those who have wronged me

help me forgive those I think have wronged me

help me to lose fear, hurt feelings, and immaturity

help me to be a better man today than I was yesterday

help me lose the angst and replace it with love and compassion

help me lose my unrealistic unfulfilled expectations of those I care for

my Goddess help me to live without half-truths, dishonesty, deceit, and lies

Thank you Goddess, today I will try my best to fulfil your hopes and trust in me


Sunrise2words and pictures by jack collier



throw the dog a bone



it feels like I wait around forever

to catch the crumbs from your table

maybe, sometime, tomorrow, never

it’s small wonder I’m quite unstable

you may think you’re so clever

capable, charming, sexual, unavailable

whenever, whatever, it doesn’t matter

are you real, or just an erotic fable?

so forget it, I don’t like being a beggar

I’m not dancing to your timetable

just send a card, an email, or a letter

or maybe call me, sometime, if you are able



P1040486words and pictures by jack collier




Dreams of Love



love’s perfect woman

caught in a moonbeam

golden light gleaming

sunset’s last gloaming

I am surely dreaming

of passions sleeping

waxing full and waning

crone maiden mother

single goddess together

perfection in alabaster

sexual female metaphor

Aphrodite carnal dreamer

brings me to final rapture


aphroditewords and pictures by jack collier



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