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Tunes on Tuesday ~ Vincent

starry starry night

This is a song from my past, by a great singer / songwriter.  He looks damn young here.

When in New York I always stayed at the Plaza, which is about a 10 minute walk from the Museum of Modern Art on West 53rd.  The picture looks better in real life than any mere impression can give.

Please listen with compassion.


jack collier


a product of tortured genius




I owned a book,

and it had never been opened.

So all I knew of books was that there were words on the cover,

and some more words on the spine.

And then, one day,

I opened the book and started to read the words inside.


Vincent  ~ Don McLean

Please listen responsibly

We can only go so far in making our life the way we would wish it to be.


liebster-12poem and musing by jack collier


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