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Songs on Saturday ~ Don’t You Forget About Me

and don’t you throw, those spears, at me

If you have ambitions as a mimic then that’s one of the two Michael Caine lines you need to practice ~ which has nothing whatsoever to do with this cool song and great 80’s movie clips.  Zulu came out in 1964, and I bet that today’s woke film producers wouldn’t make that picture.

I must have gone to the cinema a lot in the 80’s because I can remember every single one of the clips in this mashup.

Of course you also have to learn to do an Aussi accent if you want to say; ‘that’s not a knife…. that’s a knife….’

You know what, people tend not to forget about me.


jack collier


Zulus, thousands of ’em

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Dancing on the Ceiling

she makes me go round and round, turn upside down

I really like this Lionel Richie track, and the mashup video makes me smile.  It’s also great for aerobic exercise.

Just don’t break a leg, you’re not Fred Astaire.

But you can dance, everybody can dance.


jack collier


Ginger did it all backwards

in high heels

Songs on Saturday ~ Michael Jackson

don’t stop ’til you get enough

I’ve been suffering with a terrible cold, or maybe the flu.  Totally out of it for a week.  Today I wanted some music that would cheer me up

I like this song and this video.

I hope that you like it too.


jack collier



I’m sorry that I’ve bee out of it.

But I’ve been very unwell.

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Elvis

elvis is in the building

In my fitness and fun programme I’m teaching myself to shuffle dance.  It’s a lot harder than young and fit women make it look.  I’m also learning a very cool moon-walk.  The Travolta strut I can do better than Travolta.

I believe that my latest flame is a great dancer

Tonight we’re gonna make it happen.

After this lockdown is over.


jack collier



she may need to lose a few pounds


Waiting For A Star To Fall

she was like a falling star I tried to catch in my hands
I only got burned

All men eventually meet that one woman, that star that burns too bright in his heart.  All men dream of walking alone with her in the moonlight.  All men are destined to have their dreams and desires destroyed.  Lucky men come back from that and have some fun with someone who knows what love is.

there are nightmares calling,

shooting stars falling,

brightly burning,

for an instant.


jack collier



she’s not hiding her light

Tunes on Tuesday ~ TV Shows Dance Party

it can’t be bad if it makes you laugh

My only excuse for posting this is that it makes me feel happy.

I definitely don’t remember some of these TV shows.

Maybe we didn’t get them here in staid old England.

Burn Baby Burn is such a great track.


jack collier



Farrah Fawcett was not the world’s best dancer

very 70’s hair though, (a natural blonde?)


Tunes on Tuesday ~ I’m So Excited

dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life

When you’re in lockdown exercising at home is about your only choice when it comes to staying fit and healthy.  Try following along to this video ~ see if you can get past a couple of minutes……

I like these fun dance videos, they make me smile and encourage me to exercise.

Look out for Dr. Frankenstein and the Monster.

Please listen joyously.


jack collier



some would say that Ginger was the better dancer


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