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Places I Want To Go To Soon

A destination is  a different way of seeing the world.

England is a green and pleasant land,

royal throne of kings, paradise sceptred isle,

another Eden, a precious stone set in the silver sea,

But, there are places I want to go other than in England.


Big Bear Lake, California

Palm Springs, California

Santa Monica, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

New York City, New York.



Florence, Tuscany

Sienna, Tuscany

Pisa, Tuscany

San Gimignano, Tuscany


These are all fabulous places I have already seen, but want to go back to very soon.  I guess this is my bucket list.  Some of these I want to get to this year.  If a friend wanted me to go with them somewhere else, then that would be cool to ~ although there are some places in this world I would just not go to under any circumstances.

Most of these are places it would be great to drive to, (except Cyprus and Malta of course, and nobody with even an ounce of sense would drive in New York).  On the other hand, I really like taking long road trips, preferably with a cool girl riding shotgun.  Cyprus is a big enough island that it’s great to drive around there, and so is Malta.  California and Tuscany are both fabulous places to take a road trip.  Of course, you should really have a really cool car to take on your long road trips ~ a convertible Mustang is ideal.


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