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Merry Christmas Everybody

at Christmastime the old songs are the best

This Christmas song by Slade is a lot more recent than I thought it was ~ like 1980.  And you know what?  You can dance to this ~ but only if you must.

There is quite a good pun in the lyrics.

Enjoy listening and watching.

Merry Christmas.


jack collier


so, where is Rudolf?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Merry Christmas


It’s Christmas !

All the very best from Marmaduke and me

Christmas Hugs and Kisses to all here

We are H.A.P.P.Y.

NORAD Santa Tracker

Rudolf with your nose so bright
won’t you guide my sleigh tonight



jack collier


Santa always gets a fighter escort

Lindisfarne ~Winter Song

who are we as human beings
if we ignore the suffering of others?

At this time, perhaps above all others, we should remember the suffering of those less fortunate than we.  Lindisfarne once was the home of a Holy Priory, Saint Cuthbert dwelt there.  Spare a penny.

Lindisfarne, The Holy Island, holds an important place in the heart of all Christians from the very North of England.

Please listen with charity in your heart.


jack collier


Lindisfarne, another Holy place sacked by the heathen Vikings

Silent Night

the singing of carols is forbidden
and all the churches are closed

Here in England we do not have a written constitution, else our government might not be so fast to remove from us those inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Nor the right to worship our God.  But, the ancient tradition of caroling is now forbidden. as is the breaking of bread with family and friends.

Please listen with a little reverence.

I hope you remember the Gaelic.

There’s some Irish in all of us.


jack collier



as well as caroling

try quaffing and wassailing

All Alone At Christmas

a simple phone call
that’s all it takes to make someone’s Christmas

Because of all the Covid crap I will be spending Christmas alone in the garret.  Except that’s not true ~ there is the telephone, email, and video chat.  These days one never need to be really alone ~ not unless you want to be.

Please watch the video as well as listening to the music.

Some things are just funny, and maybe this one is.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.


jack collier


you’re never alone with a Wilson

Peace at Christmastime

you are never alone if you have a loyal bear

Marmy and I have darkened the garret and we are listening to Loreena McKennitt on the record player.  Harp, viola, and mezzo soprano fill the garret with music.


Merry Christmas to one and all.

Love to all here.


jack collier


Christmas will soon be upon us

pray that Santa has clear skies

12 Days of Christmas ~ The Spinners

wtf is a collie bird?
and your front room is going to be very full

The twelve days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day and last until January 5th.  Interesting the total number of gifts in this carol add up to 364 ~ which is so close to the number of days in the year that there has to be some kind of cool numerology thing going on with twelves, and the twelfth.

If my true love gave me all that stuff I’d think she was a crazy bunny boiler.


jack collier



so where are the cookies in that list?

and for an alternative view of the 12 days of Christmas try Frank Kelly’s version


Christmas Music ~ Wizzard

let the bells ring out loud and clear
for Christmas is almost here

I’m not certain that I would wish for Christmas every day ~ you can get too much of a good thing.  Believe it or not, it is possible to dance to this track ~ if you are young, fit, and fleet of foot.  This song is just for a very special friend.

And I can still dance like Fred Astaire.

At least I can spell ‘Wizard’ on my business card.


jack collier


I wonder if I need a new tux for Christmas?

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Wonderful Christmastime

Christmas is the day that holds all time together

This is the kind of song that gets played as background music in English pubs at Christmas.  When the pubs here were allowed to open.

There is nothing quite so good as the fireside in your favourite pub at Christmastime.

A few friends, good conversation, a beer or three…..

The cat by the fire, as usual.


jack collier


a cat will always find the best spot in the place, especially when Santa is due

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